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Ready to start creating some major shifts in your life?

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❀ learn more about how clutter detriments the energy of your home

❀ learn how exactly to get started decluttering without overwhelm

❀ partake in exercises that will allow you to focus on who you truly want to be

❀ plus a free downloadable decluttering checklist for your wardrobe

❀ learn about the 5 chinese elements of wood, water, fire, earth & metal

❀ learn about how the elements appear within our personality and within our home (feng shui)

❀ find out which dominant elements are within you! some have one dominant element and some of us have two!

❀ learn about limiting beliefs, how they are created & how you can start to get rid of them

❀ learn about which flower essences can assist you in developing self-worth, confidence & remove limiting beliefs

❀ Learn about how techniques such as eft tapping, pendulum work,& kundalini yoga can benefit you

Transform Your Home, Body, & Soul

⇸⇸ Your home is a sacred place, it protects you, it keeps you warm, and it holds all of the things you love most within it. Your home needs to be able to completely support you energetically, bring you peace, ease and help you achieve your dreams.

⇸⇸ Your body is a temple. It works hard day in and out to keep you healthy, strong, and carries all of the tension of the soul. Your body needs to be taken care of and nurtured in order to support you each and every day.

⇸⇸ Your soul holds many things from the past within it as well as a vision of the future you desire. Your soul needs to be unburdened in order to align with your future.

⇸⇸ Home, Body, Soul Coaching is here to support you in all of this!


Featured Courses



⇸⇸ Take a journey through your childhood, into your past, into your subconscious, and locate your fears. You will learn to bring them into consciousness, release them and begin to heal.

⇸⇸ Learn how to return back to love, find your inner worthiness, and grow your connection to your intuition and higher self. Find your connection to yourself and to your higher power.

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⁂This is a 2 month long online decluttering, organization and functionality course. I’ll walk you through purging the toughest and most time-spent areas of your home; the kitchen, bathroom/self-care products, and complete wardrobe.

⁂ I have added an additional module on creating all natural spa products to support your self-care routine and creating cleaning products to produce a non-toxic home.

⁂ Create a home that supports you as the Goddess you are and your life magically becomes easier, less frustrating and freer!



⁂ This is a certification course for holistic practitioners, healers and those who want to understand the five elements to incorporate balance into their lives.

⁂ You will learn deeply about the 5 elements and how they appear in the personality, in the body, in the home (Feng Shui), in food and throughout life as well as learning about how to balance them into harmony throughout all facets of life.

Flower Essences & Organic Herbal Products Made By Me. 

Essences Are Wildcrafted & Home Grown Naturally. 


Always with love and care, enjoy. 


❂  Meet Your Spirit Guide ❂


Bianca Mastrototaro


Home, Body, Soul Shaman

⇸ Elemental Space Clearer, Feng Shui Practitioner, Decluttering Coach, Herbalist, Spiritual Life Coach, and Flower Essence Practitioner

Hobbies: Dog mom, outdoor exploration, gardening, wildcrafting, creating flower essences, reading, being silly, bath bombs, botanical healing, healing with food, wine (yay, antioxidants!), student of a course in miracles, home making

Goals: Transforming homes into a place of ease, freedom, love, and manifestation, transforming souls by releasing fear, hate, resentment and replacing them with light, love, and self-deserving, transforming the body through energetic healing techniques, herbs and flowers!

Ready to start working on your home, body & soul?

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