Decluttering Your Phone Contacts

Declutter Your Phone Contacts

As I'm working on my new online decluttering course (planned to launch in the spring), something dawned on me. *Imaginary lightbulb goes on* 'Oooooh! I need my clients to declutter their contacts list!'. This idea spawned from writing a module about decluttering your smartphone. Our smartphones are such cherished little tools, they grow to become extensions of ourselves. They are our form of communication, our life organizers, endless entertainment, and our memory keepers through pictures and videos. Now, as I go more deeply into decluttering your phone in my course, I really want to dedicate this blog post to decluttering your contacts list, shall we dive in? 

Guidelines to Decluttering Your Phone Contact List

  1. Keep the contacts for people of importance: Ah, the easiest part! These are your obvious keepers; your parents, your close family members, children, best of friends and people you are close enough to text on their birthdays, holidays and like to occasionally talk to, hair dressers, or current doctors. Maybe you can text one your closest contacts now and tell them how much you love them and that they made they cut! "Hey mom, I decided to keep your contact in my phone because you're pretty wonderful and I enjoy our philosophical discussions about the dog poo you keep reminding me to pick up in the yard! Thanks again for babysitting my dog, I love you! Whats for dinner?" ;)

  2. Delete any irreverent contacts : These will be easy let go of, in your mind you might say 'Oh, I definitely don't need this contact anymore' without any resistance. These will appear as old banks you don't use anymore, old doctors offices or vets, past friends that you definitely don't and won't talk to anymore, clients or project partners from the past, or even the classic ex-flings. No keeping the ex-flings number for the 'just incase' reason!

  3. Any cherished loved ones that have past, feel free to keep in your phone: I will never delete my Nana's phone contact ever, and neither should you for your own special angels. It creates a divine space for them and will always remind you that they are still with you even if it is not in the physical form. Please, don't delete any loved ones phone numbers that have passed unless you want to.

  4. Contacts that invoke some type of resistance: These types of contacts might appear as family members you never call/text and only see at family-parties, old high school or college friends that you haven't talked to in years and perhaps you might like to talk to at some point but never will. If it is someone somewhat important, for instance, if it is your child's friend's mother that occasionally has your daughter over their house, keep the number. Otherwise, lets try and weed them out. The first thing to ask yourself would be 'can I contact them easily through another source or MUST they be stored in my phone?' Can you reach this person through Facebook or call your mom to grab good old uncle Mike's number if you ever needed to? Let them go. I have provided more information below on how to do this.

Acknowledge the resistance coming up if it is. Is it powerful? Ask yourself a series of 'whys?' about the contact in question. Why am I afraid to delete this contact? Do I still have an emotional tie to the person? Why don't I feel safe enough to delete it? Keep asking yourself the 'why's' until you get an underlying reason, then let your fear and the contact go. For example, I had a contact in my phone that I deleted who was an old boyfriends best friend. During the duration of my relationship, the friend grew to also become one of my best friends. I was a little resistant to delete it. Getting to the bottom of it was that I still had a platonic love for him and our memories together. I spent many years with him and my old boyfriend, and to delete a contact can sometimes feel like a death of a person. But at the end of the day, I truly will never contact him again and if I needed to, I could find a way to get his number. So I thanked him energetically for being such a fun and good friend from the past, and deleted his number. 

Yes, there are so many precious memories with these people on our phones but deleting a contact will not erase your memories of them, nor will it erase the person. Creep on them on Facebook if you must, but please don't let them take up precious storage on your phone. I have provided an audio below of a cord cutting meditation for you to do if you feel like you need that extra power to release and let the contact go.

Cord cutting meditations were introduced to me by one of my teachers, Gabby Bernstein. The meditation will cut the energetic tie you still have to any person. These types of meditations are great for release yourself from negative people, removing the connection with people from the past, aiding in forgiveness of a certain person or memory, and allows you to finally move on. We use the Archangel Micheal in this mediation because he and his sword are mighty enough to cut strong energetic bonds. It is okay if angels aren't your thing, trust that the meditation is assisting you in releasing your current bind, or feel free to look up other cord cutting meditations on Youtube.   

Do this with all of contacts you know deep down you don't need any longer, but still feel such a large resistance. Listen to the meditation, delete the contact, breathe and send some loving energy to that person to thank them for contributing to your life. 

If you don't let go of the irrelevant past, then you won't be able to invite the 'new' to come into your life. Maybe this decluttering task will make space for new clients to come into your life, maybe you'll manifest a new suitor because you deleted all your ex-lovers, or maybe you'll get an unexpected text from someone you kept on your list that you love! I hope this has served you!

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