Wild Oat: The Essence of Destiny

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The new year is coming up quickly and for those of you who want to answer the call you've been hearing, heighten your intuition, and find the path of your destiny...Wild Oat Flower Essence is here to answer your prayers. 

It works on the body by strengthening our center, kidneys, liver, and heart (Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view). 

The Center (Earth)

Wild Oat strengthens our center, our essence. When our center is weak, dysfunctions, illnesses, agitation and confusion will arise. When our center is strong, this is where our life purpose and potential comes forward. 

Wild Oat helps us see the path of our own destiny and to have courage enough to walk on it. Walking our life path leads us closer to the joy, satisfaction and happiness that we desire. This essence allows us to come into contact with our celestial mandate and helps us illuminate a large portion of our path. 

The Kidney (Water)

The kidneys allow us the will to live. When they are strong, the desire to be alive, the desire to take action and the desire to find our life purpose is also strong. Wild Oat helps the kidney by allowing us to focus on our purpose without becoming sidetracked. 

The Liver (Wood)

The liver allows us to plan how to develop the plans of our life purpose and helps us to reveal the hows, it supplies us with finding the true path to walk. When this organ becomes imbalance it can lead to anger, resentment, mood swings, intolerance, impatience, bitterness, irritability, and even depression. 

The Heart (Fire)

When our heart is in balance, it allows us to be mindful ourselves and carry out tasks with self-awareness. Again, it helps us to shine a light on our path and activate our life purpose. When our fire element is in balance, it allows us to activate our awareness of self, our own internal nature, and allows us the vital energy for treading the path of our purpose. 

The Spleen (Earth)

Our earth element is the center and key to all of the other elements in life and within the body. Our spleen creates harmony in the body and all of the elements find balance here. The spleen helps our memory and realization of our life purpose. 

If you really want to boost your findings, combining Wild Oat Flower Essence, with Walnut Flower Essence and Cerato Flower Essence to give your whole body the healing it needs to find and trek the path of your purpose. 

When our purpose it clear, we still need the vital energy to hike the mountainous terrain that presents itself. 

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