How to create a home office environment that motivates, inspires, and amplifies prosperity!

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If you're feeling indifferent or unsupported in your work space, there is probably a reason for it. Colors, furniture placement, clutter,  EMFs, air quality, and all of the items in your office directly influence your mood, drive, and ability to 'get it done'. The good news is that you can totally revamp your office with some simple changes.

Lets firstly touch base on what an office is supposed to represent. Your office is the place where you are productive and focused, where you can let your creativity flow, and the place where you can create income to support your livelihood. This is the space where your all of your hopes and ambitions come true. An office is a place of refugee as it promotes privacy and should create a sense that it is completely separate from the rest of your home. If your office isn't encouraging you, than it could be affecting your work and abundance. 

Simple Ways To Create An Inspiring Office Area That Serves You To The Fullest

  1. Assess your office: Lets start by taking a look around your office. What message do you think your current office is sending? What emotions come up for you when you are in your office? Perhaps no emotions come up, this could be sign that you need some office upgrades that are aligned with your new desires. Remember, we are ever-changing beings and maybe your office suited you perfectly before but now isn't reflecting your current aspirations. Is everything you need to work easily accessible? If it isn't, you could be promoting the message that you have to work hard to achieve any success. So how do you really feel in your office? All of these answers are truly important so that you can take that information and create an office that allows you to thrive. Ask yourself how you really want to experience your office. Use that as motivation to start your office makeover.

  2. Clutter-clear: This is the most impactful act you can do for yourself and your office. Chi, or energy, must flow freely through your office. If it does not, the blocked chi will prevent you from attracting beneficial chi in terms of prosperity, abundance, motivation and drive. Start little by little, go through all of your drawers, get rid of anything that is irrelevant, let go of any books that no longer serve you. Organize what is left, and never again leave a stack of papers on your desk. Not only does this block proper energy flow, but it also stresses you out. Give your office a quick cleaning, dust off your desk, furniture, and clean your windows with the intentions that your eyes will be opened to new experiences. Let some air in, and get that energy flowing! (SEE MY FREE MASTERCLASS BELOW!)

  3. Remove any items with negative associations : Take a look around your office. What messages are the items in your office giving off? If you have something in there that you're not fond of, get rid of it. Perhaps someone you don't like gave you an item that is out on display, these types of objects will diminish your energy even if you are not aware of it. Take a look at the books you have in view, are any of the titles unsupportive of your ambitions? Something like 'the broke entrepreneur', 'business for dummies', or anything with negative connotations will block you from bringing in your desires. Remove these types of books immediately. If you are unhappy with your desk, furniture, or decor in your office, get new ones if your finances allow. Your furniture and decor should provoke feelings of abundance, prosperity, and achievement. How terrible would it be that the first thought you think when you sit down to work is "I hate this stupid desk". That immediately sets a pessimistic tone for your work space. Bring in items that represent your dreams. If you think that abundance is displayed as lavish silk curtains, than get some curtains. If you think that prosperous people have a bear skin rug in their office, then get a faux-fur rug! Use your imagination here, then go and search for your items of abundance online or hit up your local TJMAXX/Home Goods! Make sure to fix any furniture, doors or windows that are broken or squeaky. If there are barriers such as stacked boxes, or bad furniture placement, remove them immediately. This not only creates a physical block, but will create many blocks for you in your journey to success.

  4. Add in items that inspire you: These can be joyful pictures of you, your family, your children, or animals. Anything that provokes a little smile is so beneficial because you want to feel happy in your surroundings. Canvas art of mottos or sayings that support what you want to accomplish are great to place in an office setting. You can even add a poster of someone you look up to, someone you strive to be like. Impactful mentors, teachers, and guides all provoke motivation. Make sure you display any achievements or awards that you have already accomplished! Diplomas, certificates, and trophies will bring in a sense of pride and remind you of all you have already achieved. If you're attracted to beautiful pictures of beaches, landscapes, flowers, or anything else that brings energy to you, put them out for you to see. Add furniture and decor that makes you feel powerful, abundant and creative.

  5. Music: If you have hard time staying focused, or are distracted when you hear other things going on in your home, play some beautiful music. Baroque (classical) style music, or even beta waves, are said to boost memory, promote creativity, and improve productivity. Pure nature sounds (not synthetic), are said to positively influence energy levels, and imagination. So turn on some music, and get in the zone!

  6. Colors: Assess the colors you are using in your office. The two best colors you could use are yellow and red. Yellow stimulates intellect, communication, attention to detail, academic achievement, harmony, sincerity and discipline. This is the color for concentration, mental clarity and is symbolic of good luck. Red not only aids in eliminating depression, and melancholy, but it also promotes motivation, taking action and drive! Add more of these colors into your office today to reap the benefits.

  7. Create a negative-ion rich environment: We are constantly surrounded by electromagnetic fields, especially in an office setting. Computers, laptops, printers, light fixtures, cell phones, TVs, electrical wires in the walls and anything else that uses electricity promotes a positive ion-rich environment (***on a side note, if you would like to protect yourself from EMFs, place some black tourmaline crystals around your work area or on your laptop***). So how do you know if you're in an predominately positive-ion environment? Some symptoms of this are feeling super tired and sleepy, struggling to wake up in the morning, feeling like you need a nap midday, feeling tense and irritable, having frequent headaches, allergies or even depression. Ideally, you want to be in a negative-ion rich environment, especially in your office, so that you can be productive and alert. Negative-ion environments occur naturally in areas such as the sea, pine forests, rivers, and by waterfalls. Negative ions are oxygen atoms charged with an extra electron (cool ,right?). They clean the air of mold spores, pet dander, bacteria, viruses, pollen and dust. You can mimic this natural occurrence by adding items such as humidifiers, essential oil diffusers, indoor water fountains, Himalayan Salt lamps, misting the air with water or even by adding plants into your office! Being surrounded by a negative ion abundant setting will not only allow you to breath in cleaner air, but it will increase your sense of well-being, heighten your energy levels, and promote mental clarity.

  8. Use aromatherapy: Using essential oils and flower essences are two powerful tools that will invoke certain feelings. For those of you who are sensitive to smells, flower essences are wonderful because they are odorless, but still give you their benefits when circulating through the air. The flower essence of Wild Rose promotes vitality and liveliness. Centaury enhances quietness and wisdom. The essence of Vine encourages wisdom and leadership. Star of Bethlehem will help you clear any tension if you are feeling stressed out. If you choose the path of essential oils, some great ones for an office are rosemary, peppermint, basil, bergamot, and lemon. Rosemary is great for studying because it is very stimulating and creates a sense of invigoration. Peppermint is also stimulating and invigorating but gives you the added sense of feeling refreshed. Basil will create clarity of thought and help your energy become uplifted. Bergamot also creates an uplifting feeling but helps you to also stay calm. Lemon will help promote mental alertness while adding a refreshing feeling.

  9. Use water to manifest abundance: In Feng Shui, water represents prosperity and wealth. If you want to amplify your success, try adding the element of water to your office. I would highly suggest that you place any water related item in the WEALTH/ABUNDANCE section of your office and/or desk (see Bagua image below). When entering your office, your wealth/abundance section is ALWAYS in the back left hand region of the room. Place a water fountain (doesn't matter what size), aquarium, or bowl of water with floating pedals, in this area in your office or on your desk if you truly want to attract more wealth. If you go this route, make sure that while you are placing the item in your wealth/abundance area you are focusing on your intention to create prosperity.

  10. Place your desk in a place of power: In Feng Shui, placement is extremely significant. If your desk and furniture is poorly placed, it can influence your well-being, health and abundance.

    1. The best place to have your desk position is in the furthest corner diagonally from the entrance of your room, facing the door. This way you can see if any enters and places your desk in a position of power. If you can not move your desk to this position and your back is facing the door, put a mirror up so you can see the entrance from your desk.

    2. You also never want to be in direct in line with the door, this will allow you to be affected by 'rushing chi' which only does you a disservice.

    3. Try to position your desk so that your back faces on a solid wall. If visitors come in, they will be able to truly focus on you, not the window scenery behind you.

    4. Facing your desk towards a window can sometimes be a distraction. If you can, position your desk so you can see a window, but not directly face it.

You would enter through the sections of "Inner Knowledge","Career", or"Helpful People". Try to have your desk in the opposite diagonal corner. If your door to the office is in the 'Helpful People' section, put your desk in the 'Wealth' part of the room.

You would enter through the sections of "Inner Knowledge","Career", or"Helpful People". Try to have your desk in the opposite diagonal corner. If your door to the office is in the 'Helpful People' section, put your desk in the 'Wealth' part of the room.

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