Intuitively Choosing Crystals To Support Your Desires

how to choose crystals intuitively

Ever tried choosing crystals intuitively? I haven't! But I tried it this past weekend and it worked out great! Every time I go to pick out crystals I usually look up the meanings prior to my purchase so I know what I am getting, but this time I used my intuition to pick them. So, I would like to tell you about my experience and tell you how to do it for yourself! Trust me, you are going to want to try this.

I went to a beautiful store called Taproot in West Boylston, MA and was on a mission to find crystals to support my health, bring in abundance, and to create more motivation in my life. If you haven't read my previous blog post, I told the story of how I have been oddly congested for months with swollen throat lymph nodes, stuffed up sinuses, and lack of energy, so naturally I decluttered with the intention to decongest, but now I also wanted crystals to support me through my healing. I was a little bit skeptical, as I've never tried this method of selection out before, but I centered myself and was ready to test out my instinctive abilities. 

I first imagined myself in good health and then looked around for a crystal that stuck out to me. I ended up being immediately drawn towards a crystal called “chryscolla”.  Then my next pick was for abundance, I pictured myself feeling free and wealthy, looked around, and decided that I was called to a “blue tigers eye" stone. Finally, my last intuitive pick was for motivation. Again, I pictured myself being healthy and productive, this  lead to me to a stone named “lapis”.  I tested each crystal using kinesiology (explained below), got a loud 'hell yes' from my body, wrote down the names of my new crystals and rushed home to find out what they meant. 

Chryscolla, my health support crystal, was chosen to help clear my throat/sinus cold. How crazy is this, chrysocolla is the stone of verbal expression and empowers us to communicate in a clear and loving way! It aids in opening up your throat chakra and energizes the words we speak, supporting truthful and heartfelt communication. It supports our communication by helping us select the ‘right words’ to use. Maybe this stone came to me because my throat chakra is blocked? Could this be the reason I have a ‘throat cold’ in the first place? Very interesting

Next, blue tigers eye (also know as hawk’s eye) was the stone I chose for abundance. Interestingly enough, this is another stone that aids in communication, supports the throat chakra, and supports the healing of congestion (perfect stone for my health too, huh?)! It also helps us to find the courage to bring our ideas to life (this is great too!), and is said to bring good luck to those who carry it. Sounds like a great abundance stone to me, especially since I am bringing many ideas to life in the form of my business! 

Finally, I chose lapis to provoke more motivation. Lapis is a stone of royalty and was worn by many Egyptian monarchs. It is a stone that stimulates wisdom and good judgment in the practical world,  and aids in creating new ideas for inventors and writers. It also activates higher thinking, enhances the intellectual ability, stimulates the desire for knowledge, understanding, and supports in the learning process. It is a stone of truth and encourages honesty in both spoken and written word. Lapis is ANOTHER stone to enhance communication and is also beneficial to the throat. It helps in regulating the endocrine, thyroid glands AND promotes healing issues in the nasal passages and ears. 

So… without even practically knowing, I intuitively picked all crystals that will aid me in releasing this sinus and throat cold, enhance my communication skills, and balance my throat chakra! Pretty damn cool, huh? I can honestly say that I already feel better by a land slide since I started to carry the crystals around with me! Lets go over the steps for you to choose your crystals.

How to Choose Crystals Intuitively

  1. Locate a crystal store with a wide selection: Thankfully I am in an area of the world that has a few close options when it comes to crystal shopping. If you don't know of any stores around you, try googling whimsical shops, holistic stores, or even Wiccan stores in your area.

  2. Center yourself and get clear on what you desire: Take some deep breaths and release any tension. Get a true picture in your head of what it is like to already have what you are looking for. Before you choose the crystal, picture yourself already having abundance, love, or anything else you want to attain. How would you feel? What does having what you desire look like to you?

  3. Make your selection: Don't get too picky on this, I honestly did a quick sweep and my eyes KNEW when to stop on a crystal. Pick up the crystal you are immediately attracted to, hold it for a second, you will get an intuitive feeling if it is 'your' crystal.

  4. Use kinesiology to affirm your choice: Hold the crystal in your hand, stand in an upright position with your feet together, close your eyes, ask yourself if this is the crystal for you and see if your body starts to lean forward or back. If forward, yes! you've found the one! If your body leans backwards, pick another stone and try again.

  5. Repeat steps 1-4 if you are choosing multiple crystals

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