5 ideas to celebrate the Spring season!

5 ways to celebrate spring | chinese wood element

Ah, Spring is finally here. We are moving away from the dormancy of Winter and are finally in the season of rejuvenation, creation, new ideas, and new beginnings. Spring is the time to start piecing together new ideas that will be brought into fruition in the Summer. It is a beautiful time to start new projects and clear out the old, hence the term "Spring Cleaning!".  Seeds will turn into sprouts and will come into full bud by the Summer, so what can you do to start planting your seeds? 

In this blog post, I wanted to share some ideas with you so you can start making positive changes for yourself, and your home, during the Spring season of inspiration. Lets get right into it!

Project Ideas 

  1. Spring Clean: This is always the best thing you can do for yourself and your home. Start by clutter clearing small in just one drawer or one room. Always clutter-clear with intention! For example, I am decluttering my office to invite in more success, or I am clearing out my kitchen to invite in health. Let anything that serves you no longer go! Once you clutter clear your home to the best of your ability, give your home a good cleaning. Sweep, vacuum, dust, clean the windows! Think about if anything in your home needs to be serviced such as the water heater, vents, or central air. Taking care of your home also takes care of you. Once your home is cleared, you'll achieve peace of mind and invite in good chi.

  2. Decorate: There is nothing more beautiful than a home that is decorated according to the season. Not only does this celebrate Mother Earth and her changes, but it also creates a space for you to honor the seasons in your life too. Spring is the time of cleansing, renewal, and creative ideas. Bring in beautiful pastel colors, fresh or fake flowers of yellows, pinks, and greens. Picture this now, it feels inspiring, doesn't it? Change out your kitchen linens to greens and vibrant colors to invite the Spirit of Spring into your kitchen. I could go on forever, but bring out your spring decor, or purchase new decorations to fill your home with springtime energy. Bringing the seasons inside will create positive energy throughout your home and will energize you as well.

  3. Bring life into your home or garden: Bringing earthy life into your home will connect you to nature and radiate beauty and positivity throughout your home. Even planting a beautiful outdoor flower garden where you can spend time will allow you to bring in more creativity, inspiration, and peace. People who are surrounded by nature are said to be less stressed and live longer. Choose plants or flowers that give you a hit of light in your body. If you're looking for indoor plant ideas, sign up below to receive my free guide on plants that detoxify the air in your home. Along with creating a garden, you can attract wildlife by placing bird houses, feeders, bird bathes, squirrel feeders and whatever else you would like! The more the merrier!

  4. Start a new project: What have you been wanting to START? Is there a course you've been wanting to take or something new you want to learn? Do you want to plant a vegetable garden, repaint your walls, clutter clear your basement? Perhaps you've been wanting to artistically paint more or plan a trip! Spring is the time for all of these. Spring symbolizes the beginning of anything new, whatever it may be. This is the PERFECT time to start creating little sprouts of new projects, so get out there and do it!

  5. Do a cleanse: Spring is also time of renewal and rejuvenation coming out from the restfulness of Winter. This is a perfect time to cleanse your body and your energy. You can pick any cleanse that you wish, whether it be a fruit, juice, smoothie, vegetable or perhaps broth cleanse. Find one that suits your needs and rejuvenate your body, you deserve to be refreshed and renewed.

Spring is the time to plant strong roots that will support your new ideas throughout the Summer and Fall seasons. So what have you been waiting to do? Now that the sun is staying out longer, and we have finally broken free of the sleepy Winter, what do you want to bring into creation? What ideas do you have so you can embrace the Spring within yourself, and your home? 

I hope this has inspired and served you!