5 Simple Tricks To Come Back To A Positive Mindset

how to have a positive mindset

Sometimes life can knock you down. If you're having a bad day where nothing is going right, you're feeling overwhelmed by everything, or you're struggling to get out of a bad mood, the best thing to do is learn how to bring yourself back to a loving state of mind. Its easier then you might think, and once you start to use these tools you'll be able to snap back more quickly. I wanted to share some easy tips for you to try because lets be honest, who has time to feel sulky and grumpy? Not I! So give yourself a small amount of time to feel your emotions, and then bring yourself out of it. 

  1. Make a music playlist and give yourself time to embrace the emotions: Music can easily shift emotions. Its so wonderful to have a special playlist of music that elevates your soul. When I'm feeling angry, I put on some "rage" music filled with screaming metal bands. It makes me happy and removes all my negative feelings. Whenever I'm feeling sad, I have a playlist that allows me to release my sorrows. After a few of these songs, I am back to normal and can put on my "good vibes" playlist to shift into a good mood. Make some playlists and try it out! Don't give yourself too much time to sulk or be angry, 4-5 songs should do it, then move on to higher vibration, fun music.

  2. Catch yourself in the act: With practice, you can start to notice your thoughts and catch yourself before you shift into a negative downward spiral. As soon as you hear some negative thoughts going on, acknowledge them but don't give them any attention. After you catch yourself, give yourself a good lawyering against the negative thoughts, and start to choose better ones. Don't let yourself get into self-pity, and try to turn it around. If you're having a bad day, instead of convincing yourself of the negative facts, try something like "I am sure things will get better" or "Tomorrow is a new beginning".

  3. Call a friend to vent for 5-10 mins only: If you need to let it all out, by all means, let it out! Just give yourself a set time to do it and then after that, let it go. Rant to your friends for a certain amount of time and then after the venting session, say "Universe, please take this emotion from me", and release yourself from the emotion. You can even put on your 'good vibes' playlist I suggested above with music that elevates your mood.

  4. Shake, stomp, shout it out: There is a reason toddlers do this, it helps them to feel better and release their anger! The thing is, it works. If you feel yourself start to have a tantrum, you can take some big breaths, shake out your arms, stomp your feet, and let out a shout! You can even state out loud that you are releasing the anger. Do this until you feel better.

  5. Create a gratitude jar: These are awesome! Having gratitude, especially in the form where you can see how many blessings you have in your life, will truly shift your perspective during those hard days. If you ever need a quick pick-me-up and want to turn your mood around, this will absolutely help. You can pick out a beautiful jar you might already have or purchase a new one that you love. I would pick something on the larger end so that you can add it to without having it fill up quickly. You can decorate the jar however you want! You can use little pieces of paper or even sticky notes, write down something you are grateful for, and place it in the jar. Write as many as you would like each day! Anything you are grateful for, write it down, and start collecting all the beautiful things you are surrounded by. It will remind you of all the beautiful things in your life, and also you can always pick one out of the jar and read it for a pick-me-up. When you take the time to be grateful, life starts to shift for the best. The universe presents more to those who are grateful, so lets start your gratitude journey with this simple activity.

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I hope these tips have helped you on your hard days. We all have days when we are taken out of our loving mindsets no matter how hard we try not to. It's just life, and sometimes it can suck! The key is to not let yourself get wrapped up in the negativity and learn to bounce back quickly. It is a constant commitment and the more you practice the better you'll become at it! 

All my love,