Get mad, get motivated, and purge your belongings!

how to find motivation to declutter your house

I was originally planning to write a blog about decluttering your to-do lists, but I was inspired to bring motivation and information to you after an incident happened this week that left me feeling pissed off and ready for change. I'm sure you can relate to my story, and don't be surprised that us coaches don't have it together all the time :) we aren't perfect! 

So, lets call in a little backstory.

I am currently living out of a small room that I share with my boyfriend, and my sweet puppy named Evie. I am living with my boyfriend's family temporarily while me and him look for a house to purchase. As any house hunter would know, the housing market has been less than booming during these past 6 months. With this said, my life is temporarily constricted to a room filled with things that will eventually have their own perfect space scattered throughout a full home. But for right now, one small room is holding my clothes, shoes, all of my business items (crystals, energy clearing tools, incense, salts, altar decor, etc.), my beautiful plants (and I have a lot of them), my toiletries, all of my boyfriends wardrobe and trinkets, decor that will be placed throughout our future home, a crate for my dog to sleep in, her food and water bowls, AND all of her dog accessories. To say the room is filled up to capacity would be an understatement.  ON TOP OF THIS, I have been congested in my sinuses and lungs since October, and although I have been working with an acupuncturist and herbalist to heal this, I felt that our shared room was mirroring my health in a very real way. 

Yesterday, something in me got really pissed the f$!k off. I have been congested for months, I am living in a room that is congested, in a house that I don't want to be in, my whole life is freaking congested! I reflected on the areas of my life, and all aspects seem to be described as "inconvenient and hard". Obstacles are abundant physically around this temporary home I stay in, I feel like I'm scattered, and I'm tired of waiting for us to finally move so that all of our things can go into their own areas. Then I wouldn't have to feel and be so congested, right? So what did I do?

I purged the shit out of room with the 2 hours I had left in the day before bedtime. 

Our homes reflect us, they are direct mirrors of our lives, and I had to take action now because it just wasn't working anymore. 

Take a moment to reflect your main life areas. Does everything seem chaotic and messy? Does everything feel inconvenient and hard? Is your soul ready for the next step in life? Are you feeling held back in any way? Are you ready to expand already!? If you are feeling like this at all, I am sure this is reflected within your home. What can you say to this? ENOUGH! You don't have to live like this, you don't have to accept this as your life, you don't have to enable this repetitive life any longer, you can change it!!! 

So what can we do with our anger? Purge, reorganize, and decongest our lives. If you can get mad and direct your anger towards taking action, than you can fix this problem for yourself too. I ripped through most of my clothes yesterday and will continue to purge until I feel a shift and release. When you're literally living out of 2 drawers and sharing a dinky closet with a man who has proper business clothes, it almost feels impossible to find that free flowing feeling that you strive for when decluttering, but the point is to your best.

I can honestly say that today I physically feel less congested than I did prior to this decluttering session, and I know deep within myself that it was the 'stuff' that was holding me back from breathing freely physically and emotionally. I will continue to do remove the unnecessary and encourage you to do the same. I am ready to expand, and perhaps the purge will allow the universe to work a little more quickly in my favor :) So what are your intentions for decluttering?

Letting go of the old not only makes room for new, but releases you from the debt of 'stuff'. Just like the analogy 'the person in debt is slave to the bank', you can also be chained down by your debt of 'things'. It may hold you back from new opportunities, attracting more money, living in optimum health, or perhaps in my case, finding a new home. 

When you truly take a look at your life and look for patterns, I am sure you will find them. If you're feeling stuck, blocked, congested, overwhelmed or even feel like your life is utter chaos, ask yourself if AND where it is reflecting in your home. If it reflecting, get mad, get motivated and purge your belongings. Even in situations like mine where you are waiting to get that expanded area, just let the items go now so you can intentionally quicken the process and welcome room for the new. 

For those of you who are mad now and want to take action, please download the decluttering check-list to help you in your purging below. Feel free to listen to heavy metal while you purge, release the anger, release the junk. Your 'stuff' will hold you back NO LONGER!  Please read more below on the rules of the decluttering and download your check-list!

For those of you who want to start now on your own, lets talk about the quick and simple rules of decluttering!

  1. Get a clear picture of what you want your future to look like!

  2. Commit to be honest with yourself and ask yourself if each item fits into the vision you have of your future.

  3. Declutter with intention, "I am decluttering my clothes to create better self-esteem within myself!", or "I am decluttering my room to release the congestion physically and emotionally!"

  4. If you love it, you keep it, but find a place for it.

  5. If its a 'maybe', or a definite 'no', get rid of it. 'Maybe's' are just pure resistance due to the cost of the item, memories associated with it, or that you've never wore the item before... Trust me! Let it go!

  6. Storage is always worried about last, when you declutter your life, more space will open up. For example, if you declutter your dresser, you might find yourself having an empty drawer which can used for something new!

  7. Have fun!

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I hope this blog post motivated you and set a fire under your bum!

All my love,