5 Ways To Remove Overwhelm From Any Potentially Overbearing Situation

5 ways to remove overwhelm

I really enjoy writing about topics that I am experiencing at the moment. As I am writing this, I just moved (and am still unpacking and arranging) to a new apartment. This was a quick move, I found out I was able to move in last Monday (originally the move date was supposed to be 2 weeks from this date) and was fully moved in by Saturday because I "hauled ass". For those of who follow me through email, I am sure you noticed that there wasn't a blog post last week and this is why. But it got done, I woke up early, packed, took boxes over to the new place, went to work, went back to the previous apartment, packed and loaded up my car every single night. It could have been enough to send me into complete overwhelm and anxiety BUT I luckily am equipped with tools that helped me stay calm, collected, and excited. I would like to share those with you now. 

  1. Write it all down: If I didn't make a list of all the things and areas I had to pack, I would have been a mess. The more specific you get the better! Instead of writing something like "pack up closet" I used smaller achievable tasks such as "pack hanging clothes in suit case", "duct tape plastic totes and pack them into car", and "pack all desk drawers and disassemble desk". Prioritize accordingly and you are good to go.

  2. Keep your thoughts on the end result: If you don't have a clear vision of the end result, it can be very overwhelming and feel like you're in never ending chaos. The whole time I was envisioning what it would be like to live in my new apartment, how I was going to set up everything to suit my needs, how this new beginning was going to change my life. The key is to GET EXCITED about the end result and not put your attention on that all of the tasks that must be done. If this is hard for you, give yourself a few mins to just sit and visualize this when you are starting to feel overwhelmed and ask the universe to have your back :)

  3. Stay energetically elevated: If you're in a situation that could potentially push you to complete anxiety, make sure you avoid energy suckers. If someone is trying to call you that you know will take up too much of your time, don't answer your phone! If you're friends are asking you to go out for dinner, tell them another week, because you need to concentrate on your large task at hand. Only listen to and watch things that will motivate you, not bring you down, even when you are resting while this situation is going on. You can also stay energetically high by getting enough sleep!

  4. Use handy helpers: In the holistic world, we have a lot of handy dandy tools we can use to help us stay energetically aligned. A Carnelian crystal will boost your motivation and drive, Garnet, also known as the coffee stone, will promote motivation and enhanced energy levels, and Orange Quartz will enhance inner strength, balance, and manifestation. For those of you who love essential oils, doTerra has two amazing blends called "motivate" and "passion" that I absolutely love! While I was unpacking and was on the brink of exhaustion, I diffused "motivate" and was truly motivated to just keep going! If you feel like you're on the verge of an anxiety attack, please just give yourself a few mins to meditate or breathe, become centered, and go from there.

  5. Love and forgive yourself: It can be hard not to beat ourselves up when something "isn't getting done" the way we wanted it to. If you're too tired to do something, but know you SHOULD be doing something, you have to learn to listen to yourself and trust that everything will work out. Do not beat yourself up because you can't give your time and attention to everything on your list. Last week, I wasn't able to post a blog because of the move, and you know what, I did feel guilty but I had to tell myself it was okay to skip it because at the time, moving was more important. Let it go. Again, you can ask the universe to help you out in these moments simply by stating a message to yourself, or asking your inner guide to remove the guilt and overwhelm from your body. Affirm that it is okay to prioritize for the time being and let other responsibilities slip. Remember, these types of situations are temporary and it can't ALL get done at once.

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