Have you let your spiritual practice slip?

Have you let your spiritual practice fall behind? I recently have. Working 8-5, growing my business during my free time, taking care of my 2 year old cattle dog, errands, events on the weekends and add a shower or two in for the cherry on top of my busy life! Before you know it, you let your spiritual practice slip and you're resistant to get back in because you don't have enough time or the proper space but you're running around like a mad woman regardless.

Does this sound similar to your life?


The great news is you can start your practice again today with some simple methods and a SHORT amount of time. Either you can commit to doing a 40 day practice or squeeze one of these methods in a few times a week to get the benefits, co-create with the universe, and get your life back on track. 

Benefits of having a spiritual practice

  1. Overall sense of well-being: Having a spiritual practice allows you to bounce back from emotional stresses easily, will keep you feeling calmer and hopeful throughout the day, and allows you to trust in yourself because the powers of the universe have your back.

  2. Higher levels of intuition: Overtime, your levels of intuition will become stronger. When you tune into your higher self, you get clear on what you want in life, and you can un-fog your mind more easily knowing how you truly feel versus the ego's fearful thoughts. You'll also be able to hear messages from the universe more readily!

  3. Manifestation: When you use your spiritual practice time to get clear on what you want in life, spend time on how it feels, looks, tastes, and smells like, then the universe will start to listen. The magic of co-creation at its finest.

Simple ways to start, or continue, your spiritual practice

  1. Meditate just for 10 mins a day: Meditation is the easiest way to get your mind clear, enter a state of relaxation and allow your intuition to grow. You can even meditate to manifest money, promote self-love, rid yourself of unwanted energies and more!

    1. Hay House Meditations: If you have accessibility to a podcast app, subscribe to their FREE meditations. There are hundreds of meditations for specific uses ranging from 10-30+ mins depending on your needs.

    2. Youtube: Youtube has tons of guided meditations. You can even fall asleep to one if you do not have time during the day!

    3. Just yourself: Just by sitting down, listening to some calm non-lyrical music, and concentrating on clearing your mind or your breathing will do the trick too!

  2. Script writing: This is my favorite. Every day I try to write in my journal about something I want as if it has ALREADY HAPPENED. Writing not only places you in a state of focus, but if you keep this up repetitively, the universe will get your call and start showing you the path to get there. Remember to never worry about "HOW" you will get to your desire, that is God's business, not yours.

  3. Visualize just for 5 mins a day: Sit down in a quiet area and just visualize, or play a movie in your head about what it is you desire. This also allows for true focus and will start the universal law of attraction process.

  4. Track your money: Want more money? The best thing you can do is to acknowledge the money you already have coming in. Each day I write in my journal what I made for money that day. When you get into a state of "wow, look at how much money I have and am making! I am so grateful!", the universe hears your message and will start to attract more to you!

Want to read more about this?

Here is a list of amazing books I have read and know will help you. You can read and learn more about any of these topics to take your spiritual practice to the next level.  

  1. Ask and it is given, Abraham Hicks: Definitely not for the beginner, this book is a little more on the "woo woo" side but is extremely helpful, amazing, and insightful. Abraham Hicks is a group of collective souls channeled by Ester Hicks to give us humans insight on how to achieve the life we desire.

  2. Infinite Possibilities, Mike Dooley: Such a wonderful PRACTICAL book for those who are beginners but a bit skeptical of how the law of attraction works. Mike gives you real life scenarios and concrete explanations to get you working towards the life of your dreams.

  3. Creative Visualization, Shakti Gawain: This is a great book for those of you wanting to concentrate solely on visualizing your desires. Shakti gives easy to follow ways on how to start visualizing and how to bring your desires into fruition.

  4. Miracles Now, Gabby Bernstein: Gabby is a favorite of mine. This book is wonderful if you DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR MUCH but want to squeeze in a few mins of spiritual practice a day. You can read the book in full or open the book at random and see which exercise comes up for you that day!

There are also Flower Essences that will help you regain your spiritual practice, connection to your guides and grow your intuition. Here are my suggestions!

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