Rhododendron Flower Essence, Replenish Your Energy

rhododendron flower essence

This year was the first Spring I lived at my current home. I was introduced to flower essences a few years ago while being trained to do Elemental Space Clearing, my home energy rejuvenation service, but never really got super into them until earlier this year. I bought a tiller, 10,000 flower seeds, gardening tools and had a vision to turn my home into an outdoor sanctuary for myself, the wild animals, and for the bees. I also had a vision to create homegrown flower essences for myself and clients!

Again and again, flower essences have really came through for me. Not only do they help you heal emotional traumas from the past, but they also support you through all adventures… There are essences for pregnancy, children, dogs, self-esteem, all of the chakras, communication, healing trauma, creativity, energy and the list goes on.

With this said, I’d love to introduce you to an essence that fills your life cup back up!

Rhododendron Flower Essence

This essence is really for the mothers, nurturers, caretakers or those who overly give and have great responsibilities to others.

Rhododendron allows us to create that balance between our obligations and our own personal needs. It creates a sense of grounding, softens our heart, releases resentment and eases the overwhelm from the overextension of our own personal energy. Great for those who feel depleted or unfulfilled by their responsibilities.

Rhododendron brings new life and vitality within us to combat the exhaustion or numbness we might have felt before, breaks our own negative patterns and really allows us to create boundaries with ourselves and with others too.

This has been an intense year and I know many of you could use the support of this beautiful flower OR really get what you need with a custom flower essence blend!

All my love,