What You Surround Yourself With Creates Acceleration Or Stagnation

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As I am taking another journey to purge my home and body (yup, detox time baby!) of anything keeping me from moving towards the life I want to lead, I was compelled to share with you how energy in the home, body, and the people you surround yourself with actually can propel you forward or keep you stuck exactly where you are. 

These are the things we don't really think about but EVERYTHING radiates out a message, a vibration, a story. We collect things from vacations, we collect things we want to learn more about so we can grow and expand, we collect and collect and never go back after some time and ask, 'Is this thing in question, at this moment, moving me towards to the life I want to step into or is it hindering my growth'? 

Your home displays the tales of your past, it shows the good times, the bad, the accomplishments, the memorabilia of those we have loved and so much more. But there are sneaky items in our home that unconsciously radiate out messages that keep us stuck... there is the clothing that hinders us from stepping into the empowered Goddess we strive to be, there are the books that radiate out messages of where we once were that we still keep, there are items in our house that just don't align with our dreams anymore. 

This is true for your body as well, when was the last time you checked in with your body? How is it feeling? Does it need a cleanse? I know I did! Release the ailments, release the aches and pains, do something about it to give yourself a beautiful reset. 

Most importantly, WHO are you surrounding yourself with? Do you feel heard, appreciated, and uplifted by those who you chose to converse with, or do they lower your energy and leave you feeling icky after you talk to them... It is time to grow your confidence, your worth, and your assertiveness now. Start to think about this for a bit, it can be hard to let people go but if they're holding you back in life, it is time my loves to let them go. *I will have having an online course on this in the near future*

So analyze this today:

  1. Where do you want to go in your future? Get SO CLEAR on this that you can see, taste, feel, hear, and smell it. Paint the picture of yourself in the future. What are you wearing? What are you doing? How do you feel?

  2. Then ask WHO/WHAT/WHERE am I keeping things in my home, body, or those I surround myself with that do not align with this image?

This is where the magic happens.

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