Getting To Know Your Home On An Energetic Level

Understand your home on an energetic level.png

Believe it or not, our beautiful sacred spaces have a soul of their own.

Yes, our home’s all have their own soul.

Home’s take in ALL of the energy we place into them:

  • Good and bad

  • Clutter and organization

  • Love and anger

  • Happy memories and horrible heartbreak

  • Upliftment and frustration

  • New beginnings and feeling stagnant

  • Vitality (life) and sickness

Our home’s also contain the energy of the past, from previous owners as well. This is why it is so important to clear your home’s energy periodically (click here to view my home, body, soul coaching services).

Our home’s souls want to be heard, brought out, honored and listened to.

Each and every home has a personality and can share with you through:

  • What colors they would like to be expressed through

  • How certain rooms would like to function

  • Where certain things should be placed in the home

  • If they would like to be more YIN or YANG

  • Where furniture should be placed

  • Where altars or pictures of ancestors should be placed

  • Where objects should be stored

  • The projects they want you to do to bring them to life (staining a porch, painting the walls, cleaning the windows etc.)

  • The things it would like to bring into the home (plants, animals, babies, family visitors, clients etc.)

Getting to KNOW your home’s soul can really help you bring good fortune to your life. The more our home is uplifted, the more we are uplifted. The more we thrive, the more production we have, the more healthy we are, the more the divine appears in our lives.

How do you communicate with the soul of your home?

You can do this easily enough through meditation or shamanic travel. I have provided a meditation for you to follow below but you can easily do this on your own by imagining yourself meeting the soul of your home and then asking some questions :)

If you’d like to enhance the soul of your home even further, one of the BEST things you can do for your home, body, and soul is to declutter, simplify, organize and increase functionality!

I have two amazing events coming up that can you help you start to refresh your home, body and soul.


This fun 5 day challenge begins on April 22, 2019!

Join me as we gain clarity and organization throughout our kitchen and pantry space to create an environment that works for YOU and your unique needs!


Carts are open for this course on April 27, 2019.

This is a beautiful course that will take your through your entire home and guide you on creating a space that actually WORKS FOR YOU.

No more frustration, no more anger, no more anxiety…

Much more peace, rejuvenation and ultimately, organization!

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