What Does Disorganization Really Do To Us?

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We know how disorganization makes us feel…

Frustrated. Depressed. Angry. Anxious. Lost. Confused. Annoyed. Like a failure. Like a hot mess. Like a child. Irresponsible. Embarrassed. Unkept. Sloppy… amongst other things, right?

It’s tough though, we’ve all been there and we know it.

We get sick, we work too much, we cook a little more than normal, our sleep isn’t on point, we eat junky food to stay alive and before you know it, time flies by and your home and life become disorganized.

Not much you can do, but if you’ve ever seen the sight of organization and cleanliness in its finest form you tend to feel…

Uplifted. Excited. Relaxed. Happy. Joyous. Gooey delicious. Elevated. Vital. Energized. Satisfied. Like time is on your side. Like you just took a huge breath of fresh air. Like your whole body just cooled off and relaxed.

You feel AMAZING! Especially when your whole life, home and soul are just in sync!

So why do we let ourselves suffer through disorganization, rushing, confusion and chaos?

Why do we let our blood pressure rise, our stress levels increase, and take on yet another frustration in the day?

The answer is simple… we are overwhelmed, we are not living in the present AND we mostly don’t know where to start or lack the motivation to begin a home purge in the first place.

Disorganization and clutter ALSO ruins the chi (positive energy flow) through out homes. It creates stagnant or frustrating energy and each time you come up against something that is consciously or subconsciously frustrating, you create EVEN MORE stagnant chi.

This creates a vicious circle and brings about an overall vibe of anxiety, frustration, anger, disorganization and chaos in our homes.

The chi in our home directly affects our energy levels, happiness and our health. So disorganization goes beyond the little frustration, its grounds for ailments internally too.

Tis’ the season to release disorganization!

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