Are you in balance with your elements?

5 chinese element personalities

I recently held a free webinar (you can sign up for the replay HERE) that went over the 5 Chinese Elements (water, wood, fire, earth, metal) pertaining to personality traits and how they correlate to our home environment with supporting our elements or diminishing their strength. 

This really sparked something in me from the positive responses I received...

My soul said, "This is the next step. I have to help people learn more about their dominant elements, teach them how to keep balanced or become balanced once again if they are out of balance, and how to thrive in their environment with Feng Shui elements." 

With this said, I am creating a new 1:1 service and potentially, a new online course!  :)

A Brief Overview Of The Elements In Human Personalities

  • Water

    • Deep thinkers, always on the search for deeper meaning in life

    • Very artistic, playful, creative, musical, and really love finding the small details that make something great

    • Tend to run at a slower pace and usually run late

    • Can become stuck in their own heads enveloped in all of their thoughts and ideas

  • Wood

    • Always see life in the big picture, enjoy finding solutions and make changes often

    • Injustices upset them greatly, they honor fairness, loyalty, and honesty

    • Always going going going, completing projects and moving on to the next.

    • Can be unfiltered, arguments and debates are enjoyable to a wood

  • Fire

    • Very present in the moment, have a zest and love of life and view it as one big experience

    • Change frequently and are always finding new habits, friends, adventures and gravitate towards anything that makes them happy

    • Tend to be the life of the party, always making others laugh and entertaining them

    • Tend to take way too much and schedule themselves morning to night

  • Earth

    • Earths are the caregivers, they want to nurture everyone and make sure everyones needs are met and that they feel loved

    • They love people, the planet and animals and spend most of their time caring and helping others thrive

    • Love gardening, cooking, painting, cuddling and spending time with others!

    • Tend to put others needs before their own and lack in the self-care category

  • Metal

    • The spiritual seekers trying to reach enlightenment

    • Have a very easy time releasing toxins in forms of thoughts, people and environments

    • Have no time for shallowness or small talk, metals seek to partake in activities that are up to their high standards

    • Can come off as cold as they have high-respect for themselves and their spiritual journey so much that if others do not align with their vision, they will end the relationship

This was just a quick overview but I am sure you get the gist. 

We have traits of ALL 5 elements (this is the cycle of life) but have one, two, or three dominant elements that dictate our personalities, who we gravitate towards as friends and relationships, what environments we thrive in, what activities suit us best and even the foods we should be consuming TO STAY BALANCED

Out of Balance Element Symptoms

You may be suffering from multiple symptoms in the cycle of the five elements if you are out of balance. This is a very in depth discussion but I just wanted to give you an overview to see if you may be out of balance.

If you are unbalanced, there are a variety of ways to counteract this through food, environmental surroundings, acupuncture and qigong exercises. 

  • Water out of balance

    • Frequent urination

    • Edema or water retention

    • Low back pain or aches

    • Achy knees

    • Urgent bowel movements in the morning

    • Afternoon fevers

    • Dark urine

    • Malar flush

    • And More!

  • Wood out of balance

    • Deficient immune system

    • Dry skin

    • Cold hands and feet

    • Inability to make decisions

    • High blood pressure

    • Anger

    • Allergies/hyperimmune response

    • Pounding headaches

    • Gas, constipation, nausea, hiccups, belching

    • And more!

  • Fire out of balance

    • Palpations

    • Restlessness

    • Insomnia

    • Lack of joy

    • Stuttering or difficulty speaking

    • Night sweats

    • Mouth sores

    • Fatigue

    • And more!

  • Earth out of balance

    • Fatigue

    • Poor appetite

    • Short or scanty mensuration

    • Obesity

    • Frequent bruises

    • Sleepiness after meals

    • Muzziness of the head

    • Sinus congestion

    • Respiration phlegm

    • And more!

  • Metal out of balance

    • Shortness of breath

    • Cold or flu

    • Not enough or too much sweating

    • Weak cough or asthma

    • Inability to grieve or inconsolable grief

    • Pain or inflammation of the lung

    • Skin breakouts of rashes, hives, acne, eczema or psoriasis

    • And more!

Maybe you are noticing you fall into "out of balance symptoms" in more than one element! That is completely normal! Since all of the elements heavily rely upon each other to be in balance, when one is thrown off for longs periods of time, others will become in control or will subside. 

Want to learn more about your elemental personality?

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❀ learn about the 5 chinese elements of wood, water, fire, earth & metal

❀ learn about how the elements appear within our personality and within our home (feng shui)

❀ find out which dominant elements are within you! some have one dominant element and some of us have two!

All my love,