Behind The Scenes : Feng Shui-ing My House Part 2!

Holy shit!

What a freaking stress filled roller coaster this has been totally making over my own home! It has felt like a snail paced process but it definitely is coming along thank goodness! So many long, hard hours have been going into this house and although it won't be be ready for another couple of weeks... so many amazing changes have happened and I can't wait to keep working my ASS OFF to create the most harmonic, luck attracting home ever!

If you haven't read my first post about my home you can check it out HERE.

Note * My last post will probably be in another 2 weeks for the big reveal! 

Ready to see some big changes? 

Bedroom Closets BEFORE

Freaking disgusting right? Who knows when the last time anyone has even cleaned these poor sturdy closets. Not only were the walls gross, but the white trim was chipping off and the floors were UNFINISHED and STAINED with various paints, carpet glue and who knows what else! Um... hell no!

These closets fall in my Love, Creativity and Self-Knowledge areas in my home so they needed to be as great as I could get them! The pictures are from my bedroom and my office closets. 

Bedroom Closets AFTER

Look how gorgeous this bedroom closet looks now! The first picture displays it being freshly painted and the second picture is after I sanded, stained, and finished the closet floor! I did this will all three closets and it was certainly a hard, time consuming project but for me being a total DIY newbie... I think I did very well! 

My Office BEFORE

Started off with some outdated wood paneling and a drop down ceiling! As you follow the pictures the ceiling was taken down and the wood paneling was primed to be painted! 

My Office AFTER

Two coats of AMAZING, GORGEOUS paint called Aspiring Blue later (still drying in the pictures) and voila!  Bright, beautiful, inspirational office here I come! Blue is the color that represents the Wisdom and Knowledge Feng Shui Gua so this will be super heightened having my office in here! 

Still working on repainting the white trim but the final reveal will be outstanding! 

Pantry Closet BEFORE

This very large pantry closet had to get ripped apart to fix a pipe. This is a picture of it after the hole was patched up again. 

Since then I have repainted it and am in the process of putting the shelves back up.

This closet falls in my WEALTH gua so I will make this the best, most organized and abundance bearing pantry closet ever! 

Bathroom BEFORE + AFTER Demo!

Oh the bathroom... What a freaking process this one has been and living without a toilet for 2 weeks now while working on the house has been horrendous. 

As you follow the pictures everything is currently ripped up! 

Bye bye old bathroom! This bathroom falls partially in my Success/Fame and my Love/Relationships gua. According to Feng Shui, bathrooms are basically inauspicious and it best for them to not even in be in the home at all (the outhouse era definitely had the energy flow correct for their homes!). 

So what is the best Feng Shui cure for this? Making the bathroom the BEST damn bathroom you have ever seen and making it so instinctually aligned with you that it brings the best of luck! 

Can't wait to see it when it is all done!!!!!

Although it has been a slow process, everything is slowly coming together and I am so thrilled to see the outcome. What has been even better is that I am doing a lot of this work myself so it is already thanking me for the loving energy I have placed into the home making it come back to life again :)

I know in my heart that this home will bring so much good fortune to me and everyone else who comes into it. 

If you are interested in Feng Shui-ing your home without completely renovating it, check out my service page HERE.

I will see you in two weeks for the final reveal!!!!!!