Are you listening to the messages of your body?

How to listen to the messages and signals of your body

Yup, I've been there and am living the repercussions of ignoring the symptoms my body has been showing me. I've refused to stop because I feel like I just CAN'T and on top of that, don't want to. Sound familiar? 

The truth is, we get so caught up in the go-go-go, the production, the motivation, the things that MUST be done and live in that state for days, weeks, months, and even years! 

Theres a real fine line between constantly seeking out and taking action on your purpose and making sure you're actually healthy enough to do so. 

What's even trickier is that some of us actually highly enjoy the constant activities we are choosing to do, which is splendid, it really is. But it feels like fun, success, and expanding on our higher purpose, so why is it becoming detrimental to our own health? It’s because there is a lack of balance, of harmony, between work, eat, sleep, and play. 

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But we strive and push so hard for so long that our body's have to manifest ailments to GET OUR ATTENTION.  The body will scream out PAY ATTENTION TO ME! This will start subtly, and then continue on until addressed. 

It's hard to slow down, to take the time to keep your body happy and healthy, it is hard to take the time to work out, to stretch, to eat healthy, hearty meals. It can also be hard to say no to sweets, cheese, and carbs, right? The tasty little treats that bring us joy. But sometimes, we have to detox because we've crammed ourselves with so much that now it's became a problem. 

Why does this happen? 

It’s because the things that are good for us, that keep us healthy, keep us humble, they all TAKE time. They take time out from our work, they take time out from our free time, they take time out from our busy days... but by not doing them, they are taking days of your life and thats the truth.  

So when you manifest certain ailments, you're forced to listen, to slow down, to pay attention to what is going on. 

Talk about self-worth right? You can do all of the "self care" acts you want but if don't declutter the things in your life that are causing your ailments, or ask for help and gracefully receive, then you will be stuck with continuous sickness perhaps showing up in the same areas or changing its course once you think you've 'solved' it. 

You can go ahead and put a bandaid on it but there is always an underlying cause which deep down in your body, you know, it's there... you just have to become still and listen. 

You have to rest, you have to de-stress, you have to be fit and eat well, otherwise it will come, the ailments will come as warning messages. 

I am experiencing this now, I have been seeing this in those I love. 

We ignore, pretend we don't know, and keep chugging along...

The most important message is that we all have numbered days on this Earth, in this current body, so how do you want to spend it? Do you want to spend it thriving, full of vitality, or do you want to spend it in pain, with low energy?

You know the answer. It’s time to wake up, to heal, to change our habits. 

All disease starts in the mind, my friend. 

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Bless you all,