How To Connect With The Healing Properties Of Crystals, Essential Oils and Essences

how to connect to the healing properties of crystals, essential oils and essences

If you are into anything metaphysical, you are probably aware that a lot of the universe's magical productions like crystals, essential oils, and other vibrational essences all have their own energetic messages. 

It is astonishing at how many different options we have. 

If you want to heighten your psychic abilities you can work with a crystal like amethyst or azurite... 

If you want to heighten your self worth you can use the vibrational medicine of buttercup flower essence or strawberry flower essence...

If you want to increase your optimism you may use orange or grapefruit essential oil...  

The options are endless! 

From a shamanic perspective, in order to tap into the healing abilities of any earth medicine, we have to truly connect to the crystal, essential oil, or essence in order to work with its powers. 

Here are the steps to connecting with the messages of the magical item if you have it on person:

  • Cleanse any crystals, rocks, or stones you have to release it of any energy it may have picked up on first. You do not need to do this step for essential oils or for essences.

  • Hold the item in your hand with the stone, flower, or essential oil's messages in mind and connect with the breed as a whole.

    • Imagine yourself giving gratitude to all of the oranges out there, imagine yourself giving thanks to all of the quartz crystals on the planet, imagine all of the dandelion flowers growing tall and strong.

    • Connect to the overall message and spirit of the item you have, because its not just ONE SPECIFIC crystal you have, it isn't just one piece of fruit in that essential oil or one flower in the flower essence, there are MANY! So long story short you must give thanks to the breed of what you are using, not just the one in front of you. Imagine the crystals growing in caves, imagine the lemons growing in all of it's different regions... Remember, we as humans are all connected through our god-like consciousness and so are these little healing objects, they are part of one big spirit.

  • Next, you want to make a connection with it. Start by closing your eyes and holding the item in hand. Imagine its auric field growing big and bright and then connecting into your auric field, merging them together as one. Ask the item you are using to help you with (insert the message of the item) and ask it to allow you the blessings of its healing abilities. This way you establish a connection.

  • Finally, carry the crystal with you as it will now be programmed, or every time you use the essential oil or essence, do the process again, start over and connect to the item's breed as a whole and give it thanks.

If you do not have the item on person and want to still use it's healing abilities, check out the video below. 


Remember always these three easy steps:

  1. Give gratitude to the breed as a whole

  2. Make a connection and merge your auric fields

  3. Give thanks again

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I hope this has helped!

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