The Cosmic Trinity in Feng Shui

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In the ancient art of Feng Shui, there is a cosmic trinity that represents our luck for each of us as humans. Through this tool, we can start to at ways to enhance our luck, home, belief system, and potentially change out fate. Each part of the cosmic trinity contributes about 33% to create a full 100% over overall good fortune. So, how does this tool work and how can we use it to enhance our overall luck, prosperity, fortune and life? 

The Cosmic Trinity

  1. Heaven Luck (33%)

  2. Earth Luck (33%)

  3. Human Luck (33%)

Our Heaven luck is known to be predetermined but I will talk about some spiritual solutions I know of to alter some of these "set in stone" aspects. Our heaven luck represents our individualized fate, destiny, astrology, current soul contract, and past life karma we were given at birth.

Our Earth luck is adaptable and is represented by the Feng Shui in our home, plot of land, neighborhood, natural surroundings, and elemental balance. We can obviously change this by decluttering, setting our homes up to reflect the Feng Shui principles, and surrounding ourselves with positive environments whenever possible.  

Our Human Luck is absolutely malleable and the one aspect we can control the most. This is created by our free will; our actions, choices, conscious thoughts, subconscious beliefs and intentions.  

So, How Can We Create Better Fortune With The Cosmic Trinity? 

  • Heaven Luck - As I said, this is known to be predetermined BUT I believe you can change a few things to benefit this area with some spiritual tools.

    • Past Life Regression: You can use this tool to find out your past lives, what you might have experienced and how you felt. A lot of cultures believe our karma from past lives passes into our present life, If this is true, your past lives could be affecting your current life and belief system. I would suggest researching this for yourself and see what books, meditations or tools come to you :) but I highly recommend anything by Denise Linn, she is amazing. Her work has helped me to reveal some of my past lives and a lot of things tend to make sense after you journey to find them :)

    • Cord cutting: You can use a cord cutting meditation with the Archangel Micheal to release you of any previous soul contracts (poverty, vow to not experience romantic relationships, abuse, etc.) and have him cut your karmic cord to the past.

    • Family Karma Clearing: Healing of genetic wounds is another powerful thing you can do yourself, your family, the deceased, and generations to come :) I have been working on a really interesting course about this current but there is a lot of books and information out there regarding this.

  • Earth Luck - Although you might not be able to move homes or areas right now, there are definitely things you can start taking action on within your current living environment.

    • Decluttering: Remove all items that are holding you back, keeping you stuck, and no longer serve you to the fullest. Every object emits energy from it, so make sure you only surround yourself with things you love, use, and appreciate.

    • Feng Shui: The overall point of Feng Shui is to create the best energy flow throughout your home and property allowing fortune to find you. Some Feng Shui cures are easy, some are more complex, but the benefits you reap from even one consultation will make all of the difference!

  • Human Luck - This is something that can be changed if you put in the time and effort! Some of these methods will take you back to a vulnerable state but you have to work through your shit to really see a difference in your life! Things we have learned from childhood, traumas, heart breaks, unconscious beliefs... you have to weed through the old before you move on to rewiring :) Do this work. Heal yourself of the past. Only then will you able to find freedom.

    • Finding your subconscious beliefs: We might want to manifest lots of money or maybe the love of our life, but if we have subconscious beliefs working against us, it makes the process a lot harder OR we keep attracting the same situation over and over. Search for your subconscious beliefs, work through them, change them forever and finally be free of your past. I recommend two money block releasing books below but do not have any current recommendations for other areas of concern.

    • Soul Retrieval: Soul retrievals take your soul back into places/situations from your childhood and allow your childhood self to change your story. This is such a POWERFUL tool and allows us to truly change our past and embrace the future.

      • Sandra Ingerman has an amazing book thats guides you through this shamanic process.

    • Chakra Balancing: You can readily find information on the chakra system and how to strengthen it everywhere. Make sure all of your chakras are in balance so that you can truly have the best energy flowing throughout your body, be able to receive stronger intuition and guidance, and allowing you to move past your blockages more easily.

    • Manifest the life you want: Change your thoughts! Change your life! You can read more about my book suggestions from one of my previous blog posts here, but seriously... start making an effort to shift this for yourself so that you can finally life you have been waiting for!

I really hope this blog post has served you! The cosmic trinity is an amazing tool and we can strengthen our fate, environment, and beliefs to create the best possible fortune for ourselves :) 

Are you ready to start changing your Home, Body, and Soul to reflect your exact desires, free yourself from the past and finally create the life you want?

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