Declutter Your Digital Clutter

how to digitally declutter

I'm sure you've heard how physical clutter negatively impacts us in a variety of ways.

It keeps us energetically stuck in the past, blocks us from manifesting our dreams, creates emotions of frustration and anger when you are up against it, and can even affect your health. Not only can clutter accumulate stagnant energy in your home (stagnant energy leads to lack of flow in life and opportunities) but it can also collect dust and mold depending on where it is being 'stored'. 

A HUGE place we hide some clutter is in our DIGITAL world. Our documents, music, downloads, contacts, emails, applications and more! 

It goes unnoticed because you open your devices, get a task done and move on to the next. Digital clutter is like a silent killer holding you back from finding what you want, keeping organized, and taking up space where opportunity could potentially present itself.

Don't let this hold you back any longer, 2018 is almost here.


I am almost done with my own purge and I'll tell you, it feels great!

So where do we start?

  1. Delete and organize digital pictures

    1. Go through your pictures and delete anything that isn't relevant anymore, isn't good quality or contains people you dislike in them. As another note, if you're worried about your appearance in any pictures, DELETE them. You should feel great about all of the photos you are in or make this an incentive to lead a healthier life in 2018.

    2. Create folders for pictures you might not want to keep on your person photo collection (ex. pictures of your cousins you took that should be in the hands of their parents and not sitting on your computer). When you're done with this, email or upload the photos to google drive and share them to the rightful owners of the photos so you can delete them off your computer.

    3. BACK UP your photos to an external hard drive or upload them to a storage website.

  2. Delete and organize music files

    1. Ah music. We love songs, we hate songs, but somehow we still keep the ones we dislike on our computers... Why? You go and then skip the tracks when they pop up on your device, right?

    2. If this one makes you a little woozy, upload ALL of your music to an external hard drive or to a storage website and then move on to the deleting process. That way, if you ever want it again you can get it BUT make sure it is organized.

    3. Delete the songs you don't like! Plain and simple, if you do not like the song delete it.

    4. Organize your songs into playlists to enhance your mood at any time, when you work out, when you meditate or whatever else your soul is called to.

  3. Delete and organize downloads

    1. Yeesh. This folder tends to become overly crowded just after a few months for most of us.

    2. Go through each and every file, delete what you don't need, rename, create a new folder and then organize what you do keep in the DOCUMENTS section on your computer.

  4. Delete and organize your documents

    1. If you've never done this before, this could also take awhile.

    2. Firstly, delete anything that is no longer relevant, you don't need the information anymore or plain and simply, you'll never use the information it provides.

    3. Create folders and organize accordingly :)

    4. Back up your documents.

  5. Delete and organize mail folders

    1. Mail. We flag stuff, we don't read it, and it sits there.

    2. Do yourself a huge favor, firstly... UNSUBSCRIBE from the people and companies you don't want to receive emails from anymore. Talk about a waste of time and clutter.

    3. Delete anything that is no longer relevant and create mail folders for things you have to keep for awhile.

  6. Delete and organize your smartphone

    1. I already wrote a great blog about this HERE!

  7. Delete and organize your applications

    1. Anything you do not use for applications on your phone or computer, DELETE them.

    2. Organize into folders whatever you would like to keep so your screen does not get cluttered or overwhelming (smartphone)

Are you ready to start changing your home reflect your exact desires, free yourself from the past and finally create the life you want?

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- Bianca