Flower Essences To Remedy Anxiety, Overwhelm & Exhaustion

I believe most of us take on a lot in life, because we think we can do it all. Sometimes, because we feel like we have to do it all. So we push on until it catches up to us. 

I struggle a lot with this, and I'm sure it is familiar for you as well. 

Work, dishes, dogs, cleaning, grocery shopping, spring cleaning outside of the house, side projects, reading, squeezing in time for meditations or shamanic journeying, working out, cooking, cleaning again, educating myself with more knowledge, finding time for enough sleep, and the list goes on, right? 

And somehow, we manage to expand time and make it all happen. It's pretty damn impressive I would say. If you honestly can't slow down because you have also built your life this way, you may be in need of a little support! 

Vibrational Medicine is one of the coolest things we have available to us as earthly beings.

Examples of Vibrational Medicine:

  • Flower Essences: These are 100% safe consumables for adults, children and animals because there are no parts of the flowers contained unlike in essential oils. Most contain alcohol for storage, but you purchase them with vegetable glycerine as well.

  • Sound: music, crystal bowls, singing bowls, drums, tuning forks etc.

  • Crystals: Every crystal has their own vibrational meaning and message, just like Flower Essences.

So how exactly does this all work?

Any type of vibrational healing tools will shift our energetic field, our aura, our chakras. It can help us to restore a certain part of us that was lost, sad, stagnated or it can promote the rise of our energetic levels in certain areas to help us release anything that is lower vibrating within us. 

Neat shit, right? 

So I really wanted to spotlight some Bach Remedies since I have been delving deep into studying them and using them for myself and my clients.


Agrimony Flower Essence, Best For Those Who Hide Their True Feelings

  • Agrimony is great for people who chose to hide their true feelings behind a cheerful face.

  • Everything is swept aside because no one has time for those types of feelings

  • Keeping an emotional mask can create a lot of harbored stress, anxiety and can even lower the immune system

  • Agrimony Flower Essence aids to relax, deal, and let go of our problems instead of suppressing them

Elm Flower Essence, Best For Those With Responsibilities That Can Feel Burdensome

  • Elm helps when you are feeling the pressures and responsibilities of work, family, and life are just too much to handle. This can really wear down a person, causing self-doubt, anxiety and even exhaustion.

  • Elm personalities are usually very responsible, and are in a position of great importance, others rely on them, so sometimes this can catch up to us without adequate rest.

  • Elm Flower Essence aids with restoration of peace, confidence, and keeping a clear perspective so the person can plan better for a schedule that works for them

Olive Flower Essence, Best For Those Who Are Physically And Mentally Exhausted

  • This remedy is strictly for those who feel so drained of energy that they feel too tired to go on. They are overworked, over exerted and can't muster up an ounce of motivation.

  • Olive is used when there is a DEFINITE cause of exhaustion such as illness, work, overuse of mentality, or just plain out being too stressed.

  • Olive Flower Essence aids to revive the lost energy and aids to nurse us back to our full abilities. Its also great for those who are doing heavy mental work or physical exhaustion.

White Chestnut Flower Essence, Best For Those Who Are Consumed By Worry

  • White Chestnut works well for those who torment themselves with repetitive, consuming, worry. This can cause obviously a ton of stress, anxiety and fear as well.

  • These type of people usually don't pay attention to what they are doing and are prone to accidents because they can't control their own mind. They may trip, fall, break things or even make an important work mistake because their minds are so concentrated on the worry.

  • White Chestnut Flower Essence helps to calm the worry and restores the persons mind back to where they can think rationally once again.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog and it serves you well.

All my love,


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