Choosing Colors For Your Home

Are you moving into a new home or are thinking of revamping your current home? 

Feng Shui Element Colors

The colors we surround ourselves with not only appeal to us esthetically, but they support the Feng Shui in our home and cause emotional responses.

Each of us also have our own dominant Element (earth, fire, wood, water, metal) which also explains our attraction towards certain colors :)

So here I am, getting ready to move into my first home... I did not think it would be SO HARD picking colors, but there are a lot of factors you have to consider while doing it.

What color wood do you have in your furniture? What color floors or carpeting to do you have? What colors do you have as decorations? What color cabinets do you have in the kitchen? What color vanity do you have in the bathroom?

Everything plays a roll esthetically. 

Then if you add in my knowledge of Feng Shui and me being attracted to cooler colors and earthy tones as an Earth dominant element, it can get a bit tricky :) 

So how do we chose?

The best answer is to use both Feng Shui principles and our natural intuition in choosing colors that align with us.      

As stated before, you have a dominant element within you and you might need to be in a home that is a blend of simply a few elements to really reach your souls potential. From there you could just incorporate some of the essential elements as small decorative items to enhance the overall Feng Shui!

Above is a display of the Feng Shui Bagua map, each Gua has it's own color, dominant element, and supporting element where you can grab inspiration from and use them in each area of your home. 

  • Wood colors: Shades of green and blue

  • Fire colors: Shades of red

  • Water colors: Black or dark toned colors

  • Earth colors: Earth tones, yellow, orange and brown

  • Metal colors: White, light bright colors and pastels

Remember, always use your intuition here. I am so attracted to a mix of wood, water, and earth elements within a home. Following the Feng Shui rules means keeping a positive balance of the elements in your home and simply adding in some beautiful colors as elemental representations in each Gua. 

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