How To Find Forgiveness When Even When It Seems Impossible

five steps for forgiveness

People can do incredibly inhumane things. They can be verbal or physically abusive, harm someone you love, throw you under the bus, sabotage you, and even pray for ‘karma’ to come and get you. You also have the capability of doing the same, but thats for another blog post :D

Forgiveness can be INCREDIBLY hard no matter what the situation is. You may have felt wronged by a stranger, a family member, a coworker, or a friend. Sometimes once you move on from the situation you never have to see that person again, but sometimes we have to see the person quite often which can be even harder.

How does one forgive? Do we allow the other person to get away with what they did? Shouldn’t we hold them accountable and warn others about how horrible of a person they are? How do we allow ourselves to be around them when they have done such horrible things? How am I supposed to be around this person at events? How am I supposed to forget about it after I was clearly attacked?… The questions could go on forever, right?

The thing is, when you are mad or angry at someone, you can feel it right? When they are brought up, or you hear their voice, or when you think about the specific event, you chest sinks, your heart starts pumping more quickly, your hands may sweat and BOOM you are robbed of your peace and on top of that, you gave the other person a nice jolt of energy just by thinking of them (you can learn more about energetic cords in my facebook group).

Finding forgiveness is a MUST if you want to keep your peace, detach yourself from being energetically diminished by the other person, AND not waste too much time on it (we all complain about not having enough time!).

Steps To Finding Forgiveness Even When It Seems Impossible

  1. Give it to your higher power

    1. The best and easiest thing you can do is pray for help. There is a higher power that is filled with so much love where all of ancestors reside and they are here to help us. You do not have to rely on yourself to find the answers, you can simply give it away with a quick prayer. “Universe, please take these unwanted emotions from me. Please show me how to forgive and let go. Please help me return back to a loving mindset and free me from this anger. Help me, show me, guide me to forgiveness. Amen”.

  2. Get some help releasing your emotions and moving on

    1. There are friendly little helpers everywhere. From crystals to essential oils to flower essences, there are a lot of little helpers that can guide us to rid our energetic field of anger, hate, and resentment.

    2. You could try the following flower essences to help you out :

      1. Baby’s Breath Flower Essence to aid in releasing motherly issues

      2. Chicory Flower Essence to release codependency and invoke unconditional love

      3. Holly Flower Essence to release hate, resentment and invoke unconditional love

  3. Pray for them

    1. Seems like its the opposite of what you would want to do right? It is a difficult, and it may strike a cord with you, but it will help you in returning to peace. Pray for them to have everything you also want… abundance, prosperity, love, good health and good fortune. Pray for guidance from your higher power to help you pray for them and do it daily until your emotional charge is gone. It may seem fake but thats just your ego telling you so but your true highest self loves love, so do yourself a favor and pray for everyone you dislike!

  4. Read between the lines

    1. Another tricky practice… work on reading between the lines and realizing that people act in such hateful ways because it is a cry for love. The horrible things people say, the inhumane ways they act… its all a cry for love and really just a telltale sign that they are in pain. Now, this doesn’t make you better than them for rising above and seeing them in a more loving light, and it doesn’t make what they do right either, but it will help you realize that there is no need for negativity on your end and guide you to returning back to a state of peace.

I hope this returns you back to a state of love and forgiveness xoxo

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