Finding Motivation Again After A Lull

How to find motivation

Life creates its ups and downs for everyone. Sometimes negative event after event happens in a short period of time. I can't give a reason as to 'why' but there must be a personal growth soul journey reason for it. Honestly, its really hard to find that fire again once it has burned out due to a tragic event, constant cloudy, rainy or wintry weather, a lull in business progress, sickness, or even just needing a mental break from the stresses of life all together. 

When we are all in a state of momentum; working on a project, keeping up with our work-out routine, eating healthy, working towards a goal or anything else, everything seems relatively easy, right? The sun is out, we seem to be moving forward, we are happy. But when we are thrown off, it can be hard to come back to the light. It is hard to forgive ourselves,  forgive the people involved, and there is a 'how' question as to how do we move forward? 

In the last blog, I talked about ways to come back if you have slipped off of your spiritual practice, but in this post, I would like to talk about rebounding that motivation for life in general. For those of you who are on my email list, you know that I lost a close relative last week to cancer and on top of that my family and I have been in a seemingly bad-luck spiral over the past few months.

I kind of lost of mojo for myself, my business and my motivation in general. 

So lets get it back on track together. 

Shit happens, right? But then how do we get back into that fiery motivation and get back on track? Lets go over a few things to steer us both back into the snowball of progress and closure. 

  1. Understand that things can be completely out of our control:

    1. Life and death is inevitable, it doesn't do justice to the hurt and pain we feel when our loved ones pass, the stresses we have, the traumas we experience... but with pain, there is always joy. The yin and the yang. We have to experience both in life.

    2. Accidents also happen, mistakes are easily made and beating ourselves up over it is just unproductive for everyone involved. We get distracted, we are overworked, under slept, and overwhelmed as a society...Give yourself a fucking break if you've made an honest mishap. Give yourself time to sulk but do not bask in it, a mistake is a mistake... we, as imperfect human beings, make them all of the time. If there are others that were affected by a mistake you made, give them time to cool off and reach out in an appropriate amount of time. Pray that things will be sorted out, know that everyone still loves you even though they are upset and find it in your soul to recognize this. Life can be hard at times, but do not let yourself get wrapped up in it.

    3. Sometimes we also just get thrown off course in general. We are doing so well on our diet, our workout routine, working super hard, progressing, and then from trying to juggle too much... What usually happens after this? We become sick in order to forcibly slow down. Listen to your body ALWAYS... give yourself time to heal and respect yourself enough to rest when you need it.

  2. Recognizing that we can't be on fire all of the time: Every fire burns out eventually. There are seasons in life that reflect this. Summer is representative of the fire element, creation, creativity, bringing projects into fruition...Winter is symbolic for the element of water and holds the energy of rest, death, and endings. We have these seasons in our own lives, even each and every day. We wake up, we work our asses off, and we sleep. You have to give yourself appropriate rest to create and gather more wood (chinese element representative of ideas, beginnings, spring time) in order to make a fire again, right? There are going to be lulls in business, in accepting of it because all it means is that another fiery progressive stage in life is coming just around the corner.

  3. Give yourself permission to take some time off: Maybe you need a few days or even a week to mentally check out. Do what is best for you not what others are informing you must do. If you need time off, take it, let your heart and mind heal. Deadlines are bullshit, fight for your right to reflect on current events or even mindlessly watch Netflix for awhile... cry, scream, laugh, do whatever you have to do to release yourself from these emotions. Do not take take too much off though, there is a time for rest and a time to get back on the horse. You will know when it is time to rally up your true self again.

  4. Finding your muse:

    1. Truly analyze where your motivation comes from. Find out the 'whys' behind why you wanted your goal in the first place. Why were you working towards that goal? Did you maybe want to feel better about yourself? Did you want to invest in something that will benefit you in the long run? Did you want to make a difference in the world? Did you want to achieve financial freedom? What is it? Make your 'whys' very clear around your goals and things you are working for. Make your goals motivating and joyous allowing you to build that internal fire up again.

    2. When certain events happen, you have to search for the beauty in life. Even though it may be very tough right now, you have to find things you are grateful for and create faith again. Maybe you can find solace through your friends, through a loving pet, through the beautiful bright star we call a Sun, through the birds chirping, through the rain creating life for plants and washing away the past. Search for it, pray for it, find your northern star and follow it until you come upon the next clear path in your life.

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There is a saying "Life is happening for us, not to us".  Sometimes it is hard to see this in dark or stagnant times. Take the time you need to heal, find Faith in the lull, create your motivation again and you will be back in the fiery phase of life shortly. 

Listen to some Taylor Swift and get your life back on track. Bless you in your journeys. 

I hope this has served you. 

All my love,