Why It's So Important To Have Elevated Home Chi

How to have good chi in your home

Here is the BEST question you can ask yourself about your home...

When I walk into my home, do I feel uplifted or do I feel drained? 

Our homes are direct reflections of us, they are our second skin. If your home isn't elevating you, chances are, you are losing out on the extra vitality, motivation, sleep and overall well-being that you NEED to 'do it all'. 

Think about all of the things you do each day. You potentially go to work, cook, clean, take care of other adults, children or animals, try to make time for yourself, run errands, you may have a side business or passion. 

You do it all and then some, right? 

If you are coming home, relaxing, and sleeping in an environment that stresses you out... you are not providing any type of self care for yourself or your home. 

You deserve to go into your home, feel uplifted and ready to take on the day.

But many of you may not even like the style, decor or functionality of your home, your home may not resonate with you anymore, your home may make you feel tired and give off a dull vibration. 

home chi.png

Look at this picture below, how does that make you feel? To me, I feel energized and happy when I look it at. I WANT to be there, I want to get shit done while being at that house. I want to wake up here and breath in the fresh air that this place looks like it provides.

Do you want this for your house too? Lets talk about some easy implementations. 

What uplifts YOUr energy?

Ask yourself this seriously... 

  • Is it fresh flowers?

  • Is it green plants?

  • Is it the beautiful smell of essential oils?

  • Is it the smell of home cooked meals?

  • Is the color green? blue? purple? white? orange? yellow? red?

  • Is it a clean house?

  • Is it all chores being done, all the clothes put away, and all of the dishes done?

  • Is it running water from a home water fountain?

  • Is it relaxing in a tub or taking a shower in the morning?

  • Is it lively music playing?

Think about it. What gets you vibrating at a higher level and alleviates your stress? Make a list for yourself. 

I'd love you to start bringing these elements into your home to liven it up for yourself. The more things that you have in your home that ENERGIZE you, the more you can FEEL charged, motivated, and happy.  

I'd also love for you to ask yourself what creates stress for you in your home? 

  • Is it doing laundry?

  • Going to the supermarket?

  • Cleaning the home?

  • Perhaps its the people in your home (unfortunately, I can't do too much about that for you lol!)

  • Is it the disorganization of your time?

Think of ways that either you can get more organized with stressful tasks, or implement perhaps a helper. Maybe you could hire a cleaner once a month, or organize your time so you know EVERY Thursday, for example, is laundry and quick pick up day. 

The more you take care of your environment, and dress it up so that it makes your heart sing, the more it'll take care of you. 

Disorganization of time is always a huge stressor for me and I believe that a lot of people struggle with this. Sometimes I don't know where my day goes or what my goals really are for the day when I don't have a proper plan set it.

Schedules and at-home structure is a wonderful thing. It enhances our EARTH element in our body and in our life, it sets boundaries so that everything we love is taken care of and can flourish at an organized pace. 

Are you ready to start changing your home to reflect your exact desires, free yourself from the past and finally create the life you want?

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