How To Shield Yourself From Negativity & Cleanse Your Auric Field (Part 2 of 3)

how to protect and cleanse your auric field

Do you feel energetically violated when you're around certain people? Do you feel drained after going to family parties or even public places? Do you have a hard time forgiving those who have hurt you in the past?

If you have felt like this before, you are probably a highly sensitive, or very empathic, person. Being highly sensitive is a beautiful gift, this type of person is very nurturing, cares a lot about other humans and animals, feels deeply connected with those whom they love, always advocate for those who can not for themselves, and are able to pick up other people's energies very easily. With this said, empathic people can be easily affected by negativity, so I want to help you learn how to properly protect and cleanse your energy. 

I have created a full lesson on improving self-care and respect through a 3 part series. My first post was about the different forms of communication, and how to become more assertive (click here to read) . This post, second in the trilogy, is about keeping your energy shielded and teaching you how to cleanse yourself properly to maintain optimum positivity. Finally,  my next post will explain more about how to amplify your self-care and heighten your energy levels. Combined, the blog series teaches you how to get back on track if you're feeling stuck, blocked or down. 

3 Part Blog Post: 

  1. How to become more assertive (click here to read this first)

  2. How to shield yourself from negativity & cleanse your auric field (you're currently reading this)

  3. How to enhance your self-care regiment and boost your energy

Controlling who we surround ourselves with can be very beneficial but sometimes, we don't have a say in who we are enclosed with. This happens often during family related events, going out in public, within your own household with a toxic family member, or can even happen with significant others or long friendships. We are constantly evolving  and sometimes we outgrow those who were once super close to us, but it is so important to surround yourself with people who lead on the path you want to go. 

There is a popular saying by Jim Rohn, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” If this is actually true, that can be pretty scary, especially if you don't like some of the people you spend the most time with! Don't worry though, we will get around to fixing this shortly. But for the time being, can you honestly weed out anyone negative in your life easily?

For example, I used to have a friend that was just rotten to me and I loved her anyways because she didn't have an easy life. As an empath, I saw the good in her but I wasn't getting my friendship needs met because she didn't help me grow as a person, she just put me down constantly. She did have fleeting moments of kindness and during those times, we had so fun much together. After years of being in the one-way friendship, I finally mustered up enough courage to tell her that our camaraderie was too toxic for me and I couldn't offer my time to her any longer. She was blindsided and was very hurt, I felt horrible but I felt such a huge release. Finally, freedom from a toxic person! Is there anyone you can let go of that you're not forced to be around? Or could you find a way to at least spend less time with the types of people? Take some time to reflect on this, it can be very nerve-wrecking and feel like a break-up. But I promise, once you release yourself from these people, your life will immediately get better. You are stronger than you might think, you can do it. 

Most of the time negative people or experiences are there to teach us something, to push us to grow. We all have life lessons that must be learned, and when we are pushed out of  our comfort zones it is the perfect opportunity to expand. If there is a reoccurring person in your life that you can't unburden yourself from, ask yourself what lesson needs to be learned. Some lessons I have experienced through negative people have helped me to grow more confident in myself, taught me to stand up for myself and respect myself a lot more, enlightened me on how to make myself a priority, taught me that I DO DESERVE the best in life, and has made me realize what I truly want out of life and what I want out of relationships. If you are stuck with someone in the same environment, use it as motivation to learn your lesson from them, get the hell out, and work your bum off to do it! 

Journal Exercise

Journal Exercise

  • Make a list of people who are unhealthy for you. There is a mediation below that will guide you through cutting your energetic ties to this person, but for now I want you to ask yourself why you feel uncomfortable. What lesson might you need to learn from this person? I bet it has something to do with your personal growth and learning about what you deserve. Take some time to think about it, I'm sure you'll come up with something brilliant.

  • After analyzing what you might need to learn, think about that person and forgive them. Denise Duffield-Thomas (creator of, says put your hand over your heart and say "I forgive you, I'm sorry, Thank you, I love you" and let it go, remember there is a mediation below to guide you through this.

In the first part of this blog series I talked about how you have to take responsibility for how you feel. When you start to become more assertive, you stop blaming others and start to analyze the lessons the universe is sending to you. Spin it around and be grateful for these people, they are here to help you grow and the great part is, once you learn the lesson and become more assertive and more confident in yourself, you'll experience less toxicity. If you are forced to keep the relationship (we can't chose our family members), or do not want to get rid of a one-way friendship, can you get up enough courage to tell the person how they act makes you uncomfortable? Tell them that you love them, but you truly want to experience them in a different light. Once you try to assert yourself, however the person acts isn't your responsibility. They might be angry, but if they don't have enough respect for you speaking your truth from a loving place and take into consideration what you say, then you must act now and brainstorm how you can spend less time with these people. While you work on your escape plan, start protecting and cleansing your energy on a frequent basis.

Protecting Your Energy

Let's talk about ways you can protect yourself from being energetically invaded. I'd like to mention that you can't change who people are, but you can certainly change how you are influenced emotionally by people. You can change how you react, and not let other people affect you by using these tools. 

  1. Imaginary Shield: If you are ever around a person who is making you feel uncomfortable, whether they are talking directly at you or at someone else, imagine a strong, large, powerful shield between you and the aggressor. This shield will deflect the negative energy coming from the person and will protect your energy from being invaded. Although you might feel super awkward, or afraid, while the person is still there, your energy will be unaffected. This tool is wonderful when you are in a close quarters with an aggressive person, and you can even use the shield to protect others too.

  2. Imaginary Vase or Bubble: This tool is wonderful for when you are out in a public area with a lot of people roaming around. Examples could be if you're at a mall, expo, social event, or using public transportation. Before you expose yourself to entering an environment like this, picture yourself (you can include whoever you're traveling with too) being encapsulated by an upside down vase or white light bubble. No energy will penetrate through, leaving you feeling just as great as when you entered the place.

  3. Talisman of Protection: Talismans of protections are used throughout many cultures. Two of the biggest ones I can think of is the Turkish eye, and the Italian Maloik. Along with wearing these cultural forms of protection, there also many crystals that will protect you if you wear, or carry them on person. Jasper, black tourmaline, cat's eye, black kyanite, black obsidian, magnetite, smoky quartz, and apache tear are some great examples of protective crystals.

  4. Mantra: Just stating "I am protected, I am safe, I am love and nothing can change that" sets the intention that your energy field is shielded.

  5. Clothing Color: Bright and light colors reflect energy, whereas darker colors absorb it. If you know you're going somewhere and don't want to pick up any unwanted energies, wear some really bright clothing to reflect the energy of others.

  6. Rock Salt: Rock salt is grounding. If you sprinkle a pinch of rock salt (i.e. Himalayan Salt) in your water, it will keep you and your energy grounded, leaving you less susceptible to picking up unwanted forces.

  7. Gaillardia Flower Essence: Gaillardia Flower Essence provides a safety and security blanket around us. This protects and seals our auric field and allows us to heal more quickly. This essence is useful when we feel heavy, weighed down, pessimistic, lack hope, lack confidence, and are heading towards a downward spiral of negative thoughts and emotions. Gaillardia helps us find a light in the darkness, release old patterns and allows us to uncover a path back to the recovery with confidence. Chakra: Sacral (Second Chakra)

These are some easy tools for you to use whenever you feel you might pick up on some unwelcomed energy. I hope this has served you, there are so many wonderful protection techniques out there but these one's are definitely my favorite. 

Cleansing Your Energy

If you have felt like your energy field has been tainted, or if you even need a nice energetic refresher, then this is a great and easy list of tools for you to use. It is important to keep both our physical and auric energy bright and beautiful. When you are filled with positive energy and take care of yourself, you are more ambitious, motivated, happy and can truly show up for life. I will talk more about how to keep your physical energy up in the next post, but for now, let's talk about some easy ways to cleanse your auric field. 

  1. Light Bath: This one is super easy. I usually picture myself under a waterfall of light that splashes over me and energetically restores my aura. Visualize yourself feeling the warmth of the light, the beautiful golden color enveloping every part of your body. Hold this image for about a minute and know that you will be restored.

  2. Salt Bath or Salt Scrub in Shower: Salt is one of the most rejuvenating gift's from the earth. If you have time to take a salt bath (or even jump in the ocean), do it. It is so purifying. Let your body soak for as long as you can and actually relax. Taking a bath in salt will replenish your auric field AND will detoxify your body, win, win. If you don't have time for a bath, use a salt scrub and scrub your body while you shower. Visualize your auric field being replenished, shining bright and big.

  3. Helpful Crystals: Some great aura cleansing and strengthen crystals that can be worn or carried are citrine, selenite, fluorite, and carnelian.

  4. Baby’s Breath Flower Essence: Baby’s Breath is symbolic of new beginnings and purity. It helps us to resolve needs and desires for a motherly, nurturing love and also helps us open up to a broader, softer mentality in life. This essence allows us to breath better and more deeply. It is said to help those with lung conditions. Chakra: Solar Plexus (Third Chakra), Third Eye (Sixth Chakra), Throat (Fifth Chakra)

  5. I Choose Release Blend: ❀ The "I Choose Release" blend was created to help you realize, release and heal all of the limiting beliefs, energetic blocks, past traumas and suppressed emotions that block you from creating the life of your dreams.

    This Blend Includes 7 Flower Essences ($105 value):

    ❀ Black Eyed Susan Flower Essence - Release Old Habits, Traumas, Emotions

    ❀ Bluebell Flower Essence - Opens Heart To Love, Increases Self-Worth

    ❀ Bog Blueberry Flower Essence - Abundance, Release Limiting Beliefs

    ❀ Dogwood Flower Essence - Heal Trauma, Heal The Heart, Remove Negative Behaviors

    ❀ False Hawksbeard Flower Essence - Release Old Emotions & Traumas, Create Boundaries

    ❀ Raspberry Flower Essence - Self-Worth, Overly Sensitive, Unconditional Love

    ❀ Sweet Alyssum Flower Essence - Release Old Patterns, Traumas, Emotions, Restoration Of Motivation & Confidence

I hope this blog has been super helpful! I wanted to leave you with a chord cutting meditation, these are SO helpful when you feel like can't shake someone's energy off of you. I do use the Archangel Michael in the mediation, please don't get weirded out if you don't believe in angels. Intention is everything and your energetic ties will be released whether you believe in angels or not. Use this meditation for each person you need to cut your energetic bond with. 

In my next post, I will talking more about the ways you can boost your energy, and improve your own self care! 



All my love,