Hearing The Messages Of Your Higher Self and Guides

How to hear your higher self

Often we forget to slow down... to sit still... to listen... 

Our intuition comes in strong when we are silent. When we can hush our thoughts and listen to our subconscious. 

This is truly the way to meditate for answers.

So how can you heighten this ability? How can hear your intuition more clearly?  


How To Heighten Your Intuition And More Easily Hear Guidance

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  • Meditate in silence

    • This will allow your thoughts to become still, and for the question or intention of the meditation to be answered. Don't be disheartened if you don't receive any guidance the first few times, this takes practice.

  • Use an oracle deck

    • This is a quick and easy way for you hear the messages you need for the day, or for the week, you can ask what to concentrate out, how you receive your desires, or how you can move closer to your dreams

  • Eat high vibrating foods

    • Fruits, vegetables and white fish all are easy to digest. These are higher vibrating foods and the more you eat the higher your vibrations will be, making it easier for you receive intuitive hits

  • Stay hydrated

    • Water is a conductor of electricity. You are mostly made up of water! Many of us are super dehydrated, so please make sure you are drinking enough water, this will also help you expand your intuition

  • Salt baths

    • This cleanses the auric field, you can take a salt bath 30 mins before your planned meditation practice to heighten it

  • Rid yourself of low vibrating beliefs hidden in your subconscious

    • The best way I can help you do this is through Soul Expansion School! I really tackle EVERYTHING in this 3 month school and would love you to join the next time I hold it. I will run it again in the late summer/early fall.

There are also Flower Essences that can help you connect to your guides, to your higher self and raise your overall intuition. Here are my suggestions!

Want to learn more about how flower essences can help you remove limiting beliefs?

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I hope this has served you,