Creating A Crystal Grid For Love

Crystal Grid For Love

Crystal grids are magnificent tools to use when you want to create an easy altar that radiates out your intention! A crystal grid is simply a particular arrangement of stones (Stonehenge is a stone grid too!) that has a specific meaning for its being. For the sake of this blog, I'll walk you through creating a love grid to attract a romantic relationship, rekindle the romance in a current relationship, or even embrace more self- love. 

Steps To Create A Grid

  1. Set your intention: What is your intention with your grid? Why are you making it? Get really clear about this and write it down! Writing down intentions always creates more strength in manifesting your desire.

  2. Select your stones: Use your intuition here. If you just want to gather rocks you gather from outside go for it! If you want to go to a crystal store and use your intuition to select crystals without knowing the meanings first, read this blog post first. If you want a guide on the best love related stones, see the crystal section below :) Ideally, you want to have somewhat of a balance with your stone sizes, and a large stone in the middle (as shown in the picture below) for your grid.

  3. Cleanse your stones: Stones and crystals are just like sponges, they can absorb different energies so it is important that you cleanse them prior to them being programming for an intentional purpose. You can do this by running them through cold water, using sage smoke and a feather, or even just by using your hand. If you decide to use your own cleansing powers through your hand, simply and slowly swipe your hand over them while picturing a white light coming out of your hand. Then imagine each stone with a glowing white aura containing fresh, clean, new energy.

  4. Optional, charging your stones: You can give your stones the extra energy of the Sun, Moon, or Love.

    1. If you want to spark more fiery passion and yang energy, leave them out in the sun to bask for a day before you make your grid.

    2. If you want to promote a more gentle, feminine, yin energy, leave them out under the moon for the night.

    3. ***This is what I do and recommend *** You can also fill them with love yourself. When I was being taught to ceremonially create an altar for my Home Energy Clearings & Blessings (you can work with me 1:1 to receive one), we were taught to fill each and every item used in the clearing with love and intention. You do this by first getting into a place of happiness. You can think of any wonderful memory or being you love. Then take each stone one by one and place it over your heart, then envision your happiness going into the stone and picture it shining with a beautiful white light. This seriously works beautifully!

  5. Select the space you will be working with and place your grid: I talk about this further down in the post but either in the Relationships/Love section of your bedroom or home, or directly under your bed if you are already in a relationship :)

  6. As another note, If you're having discord with your partner, pray to the Archangel Raguel to heal your personal relationships and add in a pale blue stone such as aquamarine to your grid to represent him.

Shape of A Love Grid

  • Infinity Symbol: For this particular grid, its best to use an infinity symbol. This creates a sense of ongoing bonding, continuity, and everlastingness within any relationship. Remember, you want a larger center stone to give it that extra oomph and have the stones that are part of the circles of somewhat similar sizes.

What Crystals For Love Should You Use?

Here is just a quick description of some crystals you can use and their meanings. Feel free to look more into these on your own :)

  • Stones from nature: If you do not have access to a metaphysical shop or somewhere to purchase crystals readily, you can always go for a nice stroll in nature and find some stones to use in your grid :)

  • Rose Quartz: Love, Self Love, Family Love, Romantic Love, Unconditional Love

  • Malachite: Transformation, love, good fortune, prosperity, abundance will diminish destructive romantic tendencies and will promote pure, true love

  • Amazonite: Truth, honor, communication, integrity, hope, trust

  • Green Jade: Stone of the heart and heart chakra, attracts and enhances all kinds of love, and also is the stone of fidelity and generosity

  • Rhodochrosite: Love, balance, self-confidence, enhances love and balance in all areas, relief of stress and promotion of happiness

  • Green Adventurine: Luck, prosperity, health, boosts one's chances in any situation, balance, calms anger and irrationality, regenerates the heart, balances male and female energies, heals the heart

  • Citrine: Success, abundance, personal power, good luck, good fortune, absorbs negative energy, brings self confidence, happiness, and reduces self-destructive tendencies

  • Clear Quartz: This stone will amplify the energy and meaning of any other stone

Where do you place a crystal grid?

I would recommend 2 different places for placing your love-grid, use whatever works best for you.

1. In the Relationships/Love Gua of your home or bedroom

If you are not familiar with Feng Shui, here is an example of the BAGUA map below. You line the Bagua map up with the entrance of either your bedroom or your home in general (your door will open in the Wisdom, Career, or Helpful People gua's) and create the grid in the far upper right area of that room or section in your house.

2. Directly Under Your Bed

OR if you are already in a relationship and want to enhance the current love or passion within it, you can place the grid directly under the bed either on the floor or on a tray for easy accessibility. Make sure there is no clutter under your bed!!!  

I hope this has served you well and may it bring you so much love in your life and home! You can keep your grid up for 30-40 days. After that you can recharge the stones and intention and keep the grid up or take down your grid completely. 

There are also Flower Essences you can use for love and self love! You can diffuse them with some love essential oils or rub the essence directly on the crystals to amplify the love! Here are my suggestions!

I Choose Love (Unconditional Love) Flower Essence Blend
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