Why aren’t You Loving Yourself Completely?

Why arent you loving yourself completely

I have been searching for reasons why I have manifesting blocks, money blocks, success blocks, life blocks...  I have done every workshop, read every book, and I still wasn't getting any answers.

Everything felt  so surface based. Use your thoughts to attract to your desires, visualize your future to create it, meditate to connect to your higher power. But SOMETHING was still missing. I discovered a common theme with my knowledge, and it is that EVERYTHING comes back to unconscious beliefs about our self worth, self love, self respect, self care, self value, self, self, self!

If you don't love, respect, and accept yourself COMPLETELY, the truth is you won't manifest as readily as you'd like to. And I mean COMPLETELY. There may be things about ourselves we don't like, don't acknowledge or don't even know about. 

So we push them to the side, don't let ourselves GO THERE, don't let ourselves EXPRESS these so called 'unacceptable' feelings, behaviors and thoughts.

We tell ourselves:

  • No don't think that, thats wrong

  • No don't feel that, good people don't feel those things

  • No I can't get angry, anger is bad

  • No I can't lose control, I am better than that

We self sabotage and we don't know where it came from, that we are even doing it or how to stop the process and accept ourselves for ALL that we are. 


Stop beating yourself up for thinking, behaving, and feeling certain ways. Stop telling yourself you're wrong, you're a bad person, a bad mother, a bad lover. Stop thinking you're not good enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, not GOOD enough.

How? BY acknowledging the thought, and choosing again. Chose another thought. Say this to yourself 'I chose again, I chose to believe I am worthy' of whatever it may be. 

Let's cut this habit for good. None of us are perfect. Express your thoughts, feelings, needs.

GET OUT OF THIS HABIT for the new year! Learn to ACCEPT YOURSELF completely. We have dark, childish, and perhaps 'unacceptable' behaviors and you know what? It is okay. Just don't direct it at others, learn to express it within yourself and through yourself (go for a jog, scream into a pillow, stomp your feet, blast the music!).

Now this doesn't change over night. You have to PRACTICE, work at it, and be aware of yourself. But you can start making these shifts to loving yourself TODAY. You are the answer. 

So how does one change their unconscious beliefs for good? Where are they stored? How does one access, see and acknowledge them? Where did they even come from? 

I discovered the answers and I'd like you to discover them too.  Here is my invitation to you to CHANGE YOUR LIFE forever. 

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All my love,