Navigating The Subconscious

Navigating the subconscious Mind

Welcome to my four-part series on Navigating The Subconscious. 

Learning about the subconscious (lower-self, higher-self, shadow-self, idealized images, inner-child) is important work for anyone who wants to advance in their life towards abundance, unconditional love, and prosperity. 

It is the answer as to why we have created repeated patterns, similar love interests, and certain repetitive circumstances (not enough money, lack of success, lack of health) throughout our lives and it holds all of the answers as to why we are NOT creating a life of our dreams even though we are striving to. 


Video 1) What is the higher and lower self?

Video 2) What are Images?

Video 3) Real Needs Vs. False Needs

Video 4) Honoring Your Emotions

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All my love,