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oak flower essence benefits

Flowers are beautiful gifts that earth has provided for us. They can heal and support our mind, body, overall wellbeing and can heal on a deep emotional level. Although they are similar to essential oils in the way that they act to balance the mind, body, and soul, flower essences are very different in their structural foundation.

Flower essences are the vibrational energy from the flowering plant.  The vibrational energy is then made into a  the tincture and by consuming them, their vibrational essence works to restore your body back to it's true essence. There is no physical plant within each formula, making it safe to use for adults, children and animals.

Each flower has their own message and works with the body differently as any essential oil, food, or herb would. 

In this week's blog I would like to highlight Oak Flower Essence, if you are interested in buying it to support yourself, I highly suggest using Bach Flowers. I have no affiliation with this company but in terms of quality and price, this is the way to go. 

Oak State Of Living

Many of us suffer in todays high paced way of living. We don't get adequate sleep, we eat too quickly and too little or consume non-nutrient based foods, we work our asses off at our jobs, raise children, have a side businesses or hobbies, have to take care of others all while managing households. But we stay strong, keep pushing ourselves to the limits, and tend to ignore the aches and pains along the way, this is an excess Oak State of life

We know deep down that we are not meant to live this way, there is only so much the body can handle when an Oak state persists.

This type of lifestyle overtime creates grounds for disease. In Chinese Medicine, an Oak State will exhausts our blood, Energy, organs and various parts of the body that may be overworked while doing labor specific activities. Standing too long ends up exhausting the bones, walking for too long will affect the tendons and we all know sitting for too long staring at a computer negatively affects our muscles, eyes, and mental state. 

On the other end of the spectrum, excessive mental labor may end up resulting in digestive imbalances, sleep disorders, poor memory and concentration, heart palpitations, dizziness, mental disturbances and abnormal amounts of weakness or lack of energy. 

If we allow this slow wear and tear it leads to gradual exhaustion and mental weariness because in an Oak State, it will take a long while for symptoms to appear because we become too distracted with lives duties that it goes unnoticed.

Long Term Effects Of Persistent Oak State

You can get to a point in life where your daily intake of foods, liquids and energy intake through the air, will not support the intense daily activity. Lifestyle changes in the body in mind will need to be taken. 

Diseases and Imbalances that may arise:

  • Severe Illnesses

  • Hypertensive Crisis

  • Heart Disease

  • Serious Exhaustion

  • Imbalanced Lung Activity

  • Imbalanced Kidney Activity

  • Imbalanced Spleen Activity

  • Imbalanced Liver Activity

    • This will lead to excess anger, anxiety and pressure

  • Disorders in the muscles, bones, bone marrow, spinal cord or brain tissue

  • Chronic Worry

  • Chronic Fear

  • Chronic Sorrow

  • Chronic Lack of Joy

    • If a person does not include life's beauteous activities into their schedule, whatever that may be for them from seeing movies, going hiking, listening to music... overall joy will diminish

This is just a SMALL list of everything that may be affected by a persistent Oak State. If you are interested in learning more about how to heal yourself, please check out my 'Home Body Soul Coaching' service so we can address some lifestyle, food, Feng Shui and other activities to get you on a healing path. 

Taking Oak Flower Essence can aid you on your path to healing. It will prevent you from draining crucial energy from your body and open you up for physical, emotional, and mental recovery. 

It also allows for wisdom (water element) to enter the user and will encourage nobility, courage, and hope for a better strategy in life. 

Along with this, Oak Flower Essence can be used as a preventative method or used to rebalance the organs that are effected from any disorders listed above. 

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