Finding Some Peace In A Temporarily Chaotic Home

how to find peace in a temporarily messy home

Dishes. Laundry. Folding Clothes. Dirty Floors. Cleaning. Dog Toys Scattered Throughout. Cooking. Day Job. Night Job. Dog Walking. House Maintenance. Give me a break...

Lots of obligations, finite hours in the day, and tons of things to manage and take care of.

Shit happens, houses become messy, but why is it happening? And how do you find peace during the times it is chaos? 

1. Manage the items you keep in your home

There is a distinctive line between actually using everything you own and having those items  temporarily out of place and keeping things you don't use in your home that prevent ease of living,  resulting in clutter and sheer chaos. 

Searching for items, moving items around to get to something you need and wasting time trying to find things is different than your every day items being out of place. 

Rid yourself of the unnecessary and you will have even less to manage during the 'no time for cleaning and organizing' periods of life. 

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2. Assess the reason why your home is seemingly in chaos

Life happens. You move houses, you get another puppy, you have a baby, maybe you have family staying with you... sometimes life is hectic and by the end of the day you don't feel like doing anything. IT IS OKAY. BREATHE. We have all been there (including me, right now!)


The key question to ask yourself is, "am I happy about the reason for the chaos"?

In my case, we just welcomed a new pup into the family this week. 

Our world has been turned upside down to say the least. This one has been a bit more tricky than our first pup Evie. He's very very energetic, doesn't nap unless crated, eats his food like a beast, and needs to be walked preferably off leash 3 times a day to maintain him. So in terms of a time commitment, its a lot more than what we were used to with our also energetic Aussie Cattle Dog! 

Overall I am THRILLED at the reason that the house is shambles!

Some other great reasons might be because you have amazing children to take care of, you have been busy at a job you love, maybe you moved to a new home, maybe you decided to commit to yourself and made getting in shape a priority... As long as you are happy, it is acceptable. 

So are you thrilled with your reason? 

If not, you should do some serious soul searching on that one. Are you being overworked at your job? Taken advantage of from friends or family? Maybe you're just feeling down and unmotivated.

Whatever the reason is, make this a priority to shift your life back into something you enjoy. 

It's far better having an enjoyable reason for a messy home as oppose to hating the reason and the home for being a disaster... 

3. Give yourself a freakin' break!

Life can get crazy! You have to respect yourself and rest when you need to, spend time with people or animals you love and survive through times where you aren't able to give your home 100% of your attention. 

It'll get clean again :) give it time!

Just remember to remove things you do not use so its not EVEN MORE messy, make sure you are enjoying the reason why it is chaotic and remind yourself to take care of yourself first and breathe!  

Find peace within the chaos. 

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