What is SELF CARE and why is it so important?

What is self care and why is it so important?

We hear it all the time lately...

How is your self-care? Do you have a self-care regiment? What do you do for yourself? How do you take care of yourself? Do you make time for yourself? The list goes go on... 

Then the thoughts kick in...

  • Do I even have time for self care?

  • What exactly IS self-care?

  • What exactly can I do for myself?

  • Am I even happy right now?

  • Do I even love myself enough to take care of myself?

  • How an I incorporate this into my daily routine?

Well the truth is, the key to self-care is doing things you actually ENJOY. For example, people are suggesting things like take a shower or bath more slowly, chew your food and enjoy it, make sure you have to relax, get a blow out for your hair, get your nails done, slow down more in life etc. 

But, think about it. What better can you do for yourself then to actually do what you love. So write this down, WHAT DO YOU LOVE DOING? 

  • Do you love feeling revitalized after having a smoothie in the morning?

  • Do you love the feeling after you get back home from a hike?

  • Do you love being in nature?

  • Do you love multitasking and cleaning your messy house?

  • Do you love the non-stop to-do lists you make for yourself?

  • Do you love the feeling when your body is in shape from working out?

  • Do you love doing certain activities (horseback riding, snow boarding, hiking) but do not make time to do it?

Make a list of everything you love doing. THAT IS THE BEST SELF-CARE YOU CAN DO FOR YOURSELF.

No more of this forcing shit. I've tried it, dry brushing my skin because its good for you, taking a million herbal supplements because I want to heal myself but HATE taking 15+ supplements 2x a day (thank you FLOWER ESSENCES for removing this scenario), showering more slowly, straightening my hair during the work week, getting my nails done... 

But do these things actually matter to me? Not really, no. And its just not ME. Be true to you, everyone is different

You want to know what makes me feel like I am taking care of me?

Watering my plants so they are a beautiful shade of green and give off the best oxygen for everyone in my home, cleaning the house so that I can enjoy it as its utmost beauty, giving myself crazy to-do lists so I can accomplish them and feel proud, taking my dogs for a walk so we can all be in the best shape and enjoy the beauty that Earth is, home brewing organic coffee for myself that tastes delicious, cooking for my family because what is better than a home cooked meal? 

You don't have to FORCE yourself to do anything, just be you. Do what you enjoy, and your body, mind, and soul will thank you. 

Now if you'd like to start a new habit during this New Year Season, here are a few easy ideas:

self care blog.png
  1. Take a supplement, just one, to help your body restore itself whether its a multi-vitamin, adrenaline support or an antioxidant complex

  2. Drink more herbal tea

  3. Be grateful for what you have at this moment, take the time each day to look around your crazy life and see the gorgeous beauty hidden behind the chaos

  4. Go outside, or in fact, bring the outdoors in with more plants and fresh flowers

  5. Stretch your body out or do some form of exercise at least a few times a week

Now, why is this important? 

Well, when you are doing more of what you enjoy, you help yourself and by helping yourself, you help everyone around you. When you can be your best you can really show up for all of life's events. 

This is also hugely important for MANIFESTATION. 

We are connected to the universe, to everything around us. We are made up of atoms, of energy, we are all the same just vibrating at different frequencies. You, your animals, your plants, your wooden tables, your dishes... we're all made up of the same stuff on an energetic level. 

So when you take care of yourself, it sends out a message to the universe that says, LOOK I LOVE MYSELF, I TAKE CARE OF MYSELF, I AM GRATEFUL, I AM HAPPY. And the universe will hear that and with the law of attraction, will provide you more luck. 

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Bianca Mastrototaro