Spirituality is for the Warriors of the Planet


So you heard the call but are you following through with the path?  

Following a spiritual path is a sacred bond with the universe and its not easy to start whatsoever. 

Once you decide you are shifting your life, a lot of cleaning up has to happen and a lot more responsibility comes to fruition.

You have to analyze everything and make tough choices. Most of the time, these things will happen whether you resist it or not.  

The people you love that no longer serve you on your journey, they all have to go (or at least in a form of them not taking up so much of your time any longer). Unhealthy relationships with parents or siblings, friends who don't honor who you are becoming, and even romantic relationships that keep you tied down... you've got to change your whole circle and create a new one. 

That soul sucking job too, yup, you've got to figure that out and find something that will lead you closer to your purpose and pay the bills. 

The activities you do also change. You spend more time meditating, working towards your purpose, even finding your purpose, nurturing new bonds and taking care of yourself more. 

It's A LOT OF WORK and much resistance arises. 

If you have heard the call and are answering it now, you are true warrior.

We trek on with conviction and faith, trying to figure everything out as we go. How to manage our time, what to learn about first, trying to find out where we fit in the world and how we can best serve others all while searching for more purpose.  

Yet, abundance always seems to be the hardest part in the journey, for most of us at least. 

Why is this? 

For a long time now, I have been searching for the answer. I have wondered, where is my abundance? I am doing the work, I am serving others, I am answering the call but...I still feel stuck in here, there is something holding me back and I can feel its presence. I've tried books, workshops, courses and yet still nothing has changed too much.

I am starting to honor the process of what I am now finding. Although it might not work for everyone, those of us who have deeper scars have to do a lot more inner-weeding than the rest.

Yes, that means taking even more time and effort in figuring out what went wrong, when, who it was caused by, and releasing it from your body and life so you can thrive in your purpose and find that abundance you have been searching for. 

Where To Start

  • Inner and outer balance

    • Chinese medicine, Feng Shui, Acupuncture, and Qigong all use the 5 elements(wood, water, fire, metal, earth) in there work to achieve optimum balance and fortune. If an element is thrown off it can lead to an imbalance in the body leading to disease and ailments amongst other things. You must be in balance in order to achieve the greatest potential you have. If you'd like to learn more about this, please check out my 'Home Body Soul Coaching' page here and we can create a unique report for you to stay balanced and move towards abundance.

    • You must have a healthy body, spirit and mind in order to attract good fortune and also promote self-care heavily. Respect yourself and the universe will follow

  • Shadow Work

    • Learning more about the dark side of personalities and how to use them to your benefit can better your authenticity, creativity, energy and help you find your purpose

  • Soul Retrieval

    • It is believed in the Native culture that when we are traumatized (trauma is different to everyone) we lose a piece of our soul. Once we become adults we cannot fully embrace our purpose because we have missing fragments from childhood. This type of work involves retrieving the soul fragments so you can be a full soul again and live your purpose (new service around this coming in 2018!)

  • Claim Your Power by Mastin Kipp

    • 40 days to claim your power! Oh my goodness, such an insightful book! Do yourself a favor, go buy the book and start making those needed shifts. Mastin takes you through simple but effective exercises each day to release the past and start planting those seeds for your purposeful future.

  • Moon Cycles

    • Did you know there are certain phases of moon where you should release and let go, relax and share, and plant seeds for the future?

Start with this information, push throw the resistance and you will be a stronger warrior than before! 

Are you ready to start changing your Home, Body, and Soul to reflect your exact desires, free yourself from the past and finally create the life you want?

You can CLICK HERE to learn more about my HOME, BODY, SOUL coaching services!

All my love,