What is clutter and how does it block us?

What is clutter and how does it energetically block us

Clutter seems to be abundant in almost every household. Everyone tends to keep a bit of the unnecessary here and there, and even though things may look "clean", there could be complete chaos in each and every drawer and closet. Just like with emotional blocks, physical clutter blocks us from releasing the past and manifesting new desires. It keeps us stuck and unable to move forward. When you are able to release yourself from physical clutter, you can also free yourself from emotional clutter at the same time by thanking the item for being in your life, and letting it go if it no longer serves you. Decluttering is a very powerful tool you can use to truly release yourself and create a new beginning.  

So, what exactly is clutter?

Clutter appears in so many different forms it is ridiculous. Clutter at the core is anything that is no longer needed, necessary, or used, and is just sitting around taking up space. If you can't find a specific item you're looking for, you'll likely have to go out and buy another product only to find out that later on you already had the product sitting around in a random spot. When you are clutter free, you save yourself time by knowing where everything is, and money because you know what you already have. This never means that things don't get messy here and there, sometimes life happens, you get busy,  and before you know it your bathroom counter is filled with all of your make up products :) That is totally fine, the point is that you actually USE the items that you keep in your home. Cleaning and clutter are two very different things. So, where does clutter appear?

  • Junk drawers

  • Digital clutter on your computer or phone that are taking up unnecessary storage space

  • Expired foods, medications or products sitting around in your cabinets

  • Closets where you can not find items because of the overwhelming abyss of "stuff"

  • Unfinished projects that you no longer want to complete

  • Unused 'stuff' under the bed, ugh! This is bad for sleep and relationship time!

  • Unmatched socks or clothes that you don't wear anymore

  • Anything broken that is laying around waiting to be fixed

  • Books that no longer serve your needs or that you'll never read again

  • Unused children's toys

  • Items from the past that prevent you from moving forward (letters from ex lovers, gifts from ex lovers, memorabilia from a past career)

  • Old tax forms that are no longer necessary, expired warranties

The list can go on and on! So where do you have the most clutter in your life? How can you make an effort to start removing some of the clutter? 

How does clutter block us?

Clutter creates stagnation in everything it touches. It blocks proper chi (energy) flow through our homes, which creates a 'slow' type of energy. This is not great because you really want your home to uplift your energy not give off a sluggish vibe.

Clutter, depending on where it is located and what you have, can block you in your financial, career, and even relationship paths. If you have a lot of office clutter, it doesn't allow you move forward in your career because of the disorganization and maybe you're even keeping items from a past career in your office.

I was a software engineer prior to creating this business, so if I kept all of my programming books around, it might have prevented me from fully embracing my new business and moving forward with it. If you keep a lot of memorabilia from ex relationships but really want to invite in room for a new relationship, you have to be able to let the past go. You can always take a picture of something to keep for memory sake and let the physical item go to and make room for the new.   

If you have no room at all in your closets or dressers, how will another person be able to invite themselves into your life? Everything we keep in our home radiates out its own energetic message, so you truly want to keep just items that you love and use and create space for things you want to attract. If you see any of these problems in your own life, start your purge now! 

Take Action:  I invite you now to write down all of the rooms in your home on a list and start taking action now. Declutter with the intention that you are inviting new experiences into your life. You can do it! Get motivated and get going. 

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