Celandine (Communication, Spiritual Guidance) Flower Essence

Celandine (Communication, Spiritual Guidance) Flower Essence


This Celandine Essence (15 ml) was wildcrafted in Massachusetts.

❂ Celandine helps us greatly with written and verbal communication (throat chakra), and information transfer, whether it be person to person, public speaking or remembering something you just studied.

❂ This essence allows us to receive clearer guidance from the universe and helps us to expand on our spiritual self. Celandine can help us tap into our own clairvoyance gifts as it helps to activate communication with our higher self.

❂ Chakra: Throat (Fifth Chakra), Third Eye (Sixth Chakra)

Choose Your Base:

⇸ If you chose Brandy Alcohol as a base, it lasts up to 3 years.

⇸ If you chose Vegetable Glycerin as a base, it lasts up to 14 months.

Complete Order Includes:

❀ One 15ml Flower Essence with base of your choice

❀ Laminated Info Card

❀ Suggested Kundalini Meditation or Kriya To Enhance Your Essence Work

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