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'How to reflect who you truly are within your home' webinar

How to reflect who you truly are webinar promo.png


  1. Thursday September 7 @ 9am EST
  2. Saturday September 9 @ 11am EST 

Have you felt like your home doesn't really reflect who you are anymore? 

As incredible humans, we are ever-growing, ever-changing creations.

Our sense of style in fashion, music, people and even decor can change over time... so it so important for our homes to reflect who we are NOW as oppose to who we were in the past. 

In this FREE webinar, you will learn some great things about yourself and how to create a home that helps you to thrive!

  • Learn about the Chinese elemental archetypes in personalities
  • Learn how the elements appear in your home
  • Learn how to start transitioning your home to start making your home and soul thrive again  

Click here to sign up for the event! 

Replay will be available for those who sign up :) 

Hope to see you there,

Bianca, Founder of Enchanted Living Spaces