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Free Alternative Healing Lessons Thursday

Each Thursday in my free Facebook group, Harvesting Your Essence, I give a small video lecture (usually 30 mins or less), challenges, or little fun facts surrounding a chosen or voted topic and/or theme. 

Some previously topics already have been how to work with the 4 Cardinal Archangels, how to use crystals to heighten certain areas of your life like love, intuition, and health, and a deep delve into the subconscious and how its beliefs show up in our life. 

These are actual LEARNING experiences for you to learn new topics and new alternative healing methods you can apply to your life! 

*If you'd like to be a guest and teach a lesson on a topic, you can email me at*

Come back each week for new topics <3 

Again, this takes place over in my free Facebook group, Harvesting Your Essence. So if you haven't joined yet, I'd love to have you!