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Herbal Craft Workshop For Anxiety, Stress & Insomnia

Herbal Craft Anxiety Workshop.png

Location: Worcester, MA 01604

Join me at my home (upon purchasing a ticket, I will provide the address) for an awesome night of creation and learning!

In this workshop, we will be making an 8oz herbal tincture using herbs that are adaptogens, aid the adrenal glands and support stress, insomnia, sleep related problems (up all night worrying), and anxiety.

You will also be taking home a 5ml flower essence blend of your choice that promotes peace, rest, rejuvenation and calmness.

I will also be conducting 2 self-care kundalini meditation that can be practiced for 40 days. These meditations will also promote restful, rejuvenating sleep and will decrease anxiety. You can choose one that resonates with you the most to do for 40 days following this workshop :)

Finally, I will show you how to muscle test for organs that may need to be strengthened in order to create permanent changes for you and your body.

Flower essences can be available for purchase after the workshop if you choose to do so.

- $35 admission
- 20 spots available
- Bring an 8oz tincture that you made home
- Bring a 5ml flower essence blend that you created home
- Learn more about your body and how to increase internal balance