I Choose Clarity (Motivation, Focus, Drive, Anti-Lethargy) Flower Essence Blend

I Choose Clarity (Motivation, Focus, Drive, Anti-Lethargy) Flower Essence Blend


This "I Choose Clarity" Flower Essence blend (15ml) was made with homegrown natural flowers and wildcrafted flowers in Massachusetts. Pendulum testing was conducting while choosing essences to best suit the needs of most for this Motivation, Focus, Drive, Action-Taking, Anti-Procrastination, Anti-Lethargy blend.

❀ The "I Choose Clarity" blend was created to combat procrastination, lethargy, exhaustion, and lack of direction! This blend peps up your energy and inspires motivation, drive, focus, and CLARITY. When we are unclear of where we are going, who we are, and what we want, we tend to stagnate, so this blend will help you get back on track.

This Blend Includes 7 Flower Essences ($105 value):

❀ Cosmos Flower Essence - Unblocks Inspiration, Love, & Creativity, Communication

❀ Indian Strawberry Flower Essence - Silliness, Childlike Joy, Energy

❀ Morning Glory Flower Essence - Patience, Learning To Slow Down & Relax

❀ Queen Annes Lace Flower Essence - Inner-Strength, Organization Of Energy, Spiritual Abilities

❀ Spiderwort Flower Essence - Releasing Old Trauma & Patterns, Spiritual Guidance

❀ Sunflower Flower Essence - Confidence, Masculine/Feminine Balance, Grounding

❀ Tansy Flower Essence - Taking Action, Removes Lethargy, Procrastination & Lack Of Energy

Choose Your Base:

⇸ If you chose Brandy Alcohol as a base, it lasts up to 3 years.

⇸ If you chose Vegetable Glycerin as a base, it lasts up to 14 months.

Complete Order Includes:

❀ One 15ml Flower Essence with base of your choice

❀ Laminated Info Card

❀ Suggested Kundalini Meditation or Kriya To Enhance Your Essence Work

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