Purify Your Home, Body, & Soul To Transform Your Life

This ultimate trifecta (home, body, and soul) impacts your WHOLE LIFE. If one of these areas become depleted for too long a time, it ends up wrecking havoc on the others leading to frustration, disorganization, stress, anxiety, diminished self-worth and so much more…

If your home environment isn’t safe, it creates fear in your soul which leads to dis-ease in the body…

If your home environment is cluttered and unorganized, it creates a scattered mind which also leads to dis-ease in the body…

If your body is in a state of low energy, this impacts your mind and your home, and you end up suffering… You get the gist!

I believe that we cannot truly excel and manifest the live we so truly desire (and know we deserve!) until we detox, heal, and grow all three areas.

This is why I created Home, Body, Soul Coaching.

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Ever since Bianca did a home energy clearing for our home, things have opened up energetically. Our home has been more harmonious, there is a feeling of higher vibration in every room, there is a sense of cleansing peace flowing in us and in our hearts. Abundance has also opened up for each of us in mysterious ways that could be coincidental, but I believe it’s synchronistic. Even outside our home appears to transmit a happier lighter vibration. I noticed a subtle feeling the minute I came home after she had done the clearing. Bianca poured out her heart when she did the cleansing and generously send me an abundance of suggestions to keep the energy in our home cleansed. In addition, she included some tips to unblock the energy in certain parts of our home that get stagnant easily. It is obvious to me that Bianca is in alignment with her heart as she channels her soul’s work. I would recommend her without hesitation if you’re ready to clear out past negative energy or stuck energy in your home and raise it’s vibration.
— Marcia M. Sutton MA www.marciamariner.com

I know your challenges! I have been through all of my own teachings myself because I needed it to.

Lack of finding time for it all, lack of organization, lack of guidance, lack of structure, lack of focus, lack of managing daily energy amounts, lack of self-worth, lack of forgiveness, lack of health, lack of intuitive guidance, lack of it all! Trying over and over again to get the life I want… and feeling blocked every single time. Taking care of multiple people and/or animals and not designating time to take care of myself.

This left me feeling overwhelmed, depleted, exhausted, and heartbroken. I’m sure you know the feeling.

So, I have created this flexible program to meet you exactly where you are at so that you start progressing towards that life of simplicity, vitality and freedom.

So if you’re ready for a complete change in your life, I am here to guide you along the way.

The past few months have been especially tumultuous for me due to the one thing I think most of us struggle with, which is how to stay balanced in the face of change. My anxiety was at an all-time high level and I found myself lacking the ability to speak my own thoughts and faking confidence instead of feeling it inside. It felt like the more I said in words, the less I actually got my point across. I felt as if my message was stuck in my throat. I decided to do a series of Crystal Healings with Bianca, hopeful that she could get to the bottom of what was ailing me. What happened over the next several weeks was so much more powerful than I could have imagined. The first noted difference was that my negative ruminations and worries about what might happen were decreasing. My lungs felt like they had more space and I was breathing more easily. I found it easier to meditate and to sleep. As the weeks progressed I felt my throat aching a bit, like it was urging me to let it open. The tightness subsided within a few days after that and I found that not only was I not willing to isolate myself or hold back my feelings, but I spoke my mind more freely and communicated more openly and effectively than I ever have. I have continued to feel more of a lightness than ever, even in the face of more stress. I attribute it directly to Bianca’s intuitive healing abilities and relentless research into how to best heal my particular blocks and physical symptoms. Thank you, Bianca!
— Megan R. Fresno, CA www.thestoryisyours.com



Decluttering (removing all of the items that no longer serve you and organize what you love in a fashion that allows simplicity and ease)

Feng Shui (removing any blocked energy flow through your home so that you can have the ultimate environment)

Home Energy (Chi) Clearing & Blessing (removing all of the old energy in your home and introducing new, supportive energy to your life)



Traditional Chinese Medicine & Western Medicine (complete analysis of your health looking at all of the body systems and any symptomatic complaints you may have. herbal teas, tinctures and flower essences may be provided)

Lifestyle, Allergen, Dietary and Nutritional Assessment Through Kinesiology (this will help me get a better understanding at some things that may be causing health or energy issues in your life)

Botanical Support For Stress, Anxiety & Self-Care (this will allow you to start nurturing your mind, body and soul immediately!)

Crystal Healing Session On Chinese Meridian Points (this will move out any stuck energy in your body)



Fear Removal, Forgiveness & Shamanic Healing Techniques (our mind and heart is so powerful that when they are burdened with negative emotions for a prolonged period of time they can create dis-ease and reoccurring crummy life circumstances. if we do not purify ourselves of fear, anger, hate, resentment and all of the other heavy things we hold within our body we suffer)

Custom Flower Essence Blends (these custom blends work subtly to transform you mind, body and soul)

Kundalini Meditations (Bust through limiting beliefs and heighten your energy 100x to achieve the life you want! )

EFT Tapping (this will allow you to start releasing old beliefs, traumas and heavy emotions)

Bianca approaches everything she does with introspection, reflection, and extreme meticulousness. She leaves nothing unexplored that can optimize whatever project she is involved with. I am not at all articulate enough to express the experience. Her altar for my home energy clearing was the most beautiful collection of objects - each which struck a chord with me. After explaining her approach, and what I should expect - I left only to return to a house that seemed different and clean on a level I couldn’t explain. The previous owner of my home was stricken ill and while the energy was not oppressive to my knowledge, when I came home it was as if heavy dense clouds had been moved away. The space looked bigger! I am so impressed with this gift that Bianca has, since the clearing and infusion of positive thought many exceptional opportunities have come to me. I cannot wait for my next experience with her, thank you ‘B’ for being a positive force in the universe and for helping us connect to it!
— Yvette W. Westboro, MA

How does Home, Body, Soul Coaching work?

⇸ ⇸ Everything is custom tailored to you and YOUR needs ⇷ ⇷

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You can contact me directly by either scheduling a call or email inquiring and let me know if you’d like a single-service preformed or would like to create a custom-package with some services combined for your unique needs.

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A comprehensive step-by-step transformation plan will be drawn up by me to guide you through your transformation OR if you are contacting me for a single service (i.e. home energy clearing), we will schedule a deep dive interview to get you crystal clear about your intentions and wishes about that particular service. For example, if you want a home energy clearing, I would need to know more information about your house, your desires for each of the rooms within your home, and to see if there are any major Feng Shui issues within your floor plan.

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We will begin your journey at full speed, with me guiding you along the way! I am here continuously for any questions and guidance you need, whether I am helping you with a single service or there to guide you through a VIP journey, your home, body, and soul begin to release, shift, and rejuvenate!

I am truly grateful to have found Bianca when I was in need of shifting the energy in my new home. Even though I love the beautiful new space, I couldn’t help but feel the energy was blocked making it difficult to become settled. Her approach is very intimate, beginning with an interviewing process that opens up your own awareness of what you would like to manifest for your home and in life. She is absolutely lovely and deeply devoted to her work. I found it easy to be honest and comfortable in sharing my intentions and felt ALL THE LIGHT she shared when I received my personalized blessing in the mail. Bianca has helped me transform my home back into a sanctuary, the stagnant energy has dissolved and many new doors have opened as a result. Her energy clearing has assisted me in recapturing my own magic and setting clear goals for the beautiful road ahead. I could not recommend her loving work highly enough.
— Ashley W. Brooklyn, NY www.ParlorDeWitte.com

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My house decluttering was an amazing experience. I could have never done this on my own. Bianca held the space for me to be able to accomplish what I have been wanting to achieve for quite a while now. The scheduling allowed me the time to accomplish tasks in a timely manner and in a certain order. I can now open my drawers and see everything! I am so happy to open my closets and be able to see everything. It is such a nice feeling, I never thought opening a closet door could bring me joy. I have also received compliments on how orderly things are. With Bianca’s help, support and encouragement, I was able to get rid of things I no longer needed. Bianca was very attentive and gentle, she even has great ideas on how to save and display things we truly cherish. I learned so much through this process and I feel so much lighter! I could have never made it through the whole house without her guidance.
— Jennifer C. Worcester, MA