This is anonline decluttering, organization and functionality course. I’ll walk you through purging the toughest and most time-spent areas of your home; the kitchen, bathroom/self-care products, and complete wardrobe.

I have added an additional module on creating all natural spa products to support your self-care routine and creating cleaning products to produce a non-toxic home.

Create a home that supports you as the Goddess you are and your life magically becomes easier, less frustrating and freer!


offered once a year

I invite you to join Soul Expansion School, here you can create a shift in your life that is aligned with your soul, develop your self-worth, grow your intuition, and finally begin to manifest the live you know you deserve.

⁂ Soul Expansion school takes you deeply into your past and your subconscious. It will help you discover what is stored within yourself. You will find where your blocks came from and learn specific solutions that can change your life forever. 

⁂ This program WILL give you the answers as to why you're not manifesting or creating the life you want. Soul Expansion School techniques are MUCH DEEPER than other law of attraction, visualization, and meditations practices.  You will really have to take a genuine look at yourself, at your life, and at your past. That is where the solution to your problems lie. 


offered once a year

⁂ This is a certification course for holistic practitioners, healers and those who want to understand the five elements to incorporate balance into their lives.

⁂ You will learn deeply about the 5 elements and how they appear in the personality, in the body, in the home (Feng Shui), in food and throughout life.