I invite you to join Soul Expansion School, here you can create a shift in your life that is aligned with your soul, develop your self-worth, grow your intuition, and finally begin to manifest the live you know you deserve.

⁂ Soul Expansion school takes you deeply into your past and your subconscious. It will help you discover what is stored within yourself. You will find where your blocks came from and learn specific solutions that can change your life forever. 

⁂ This program WILL give you the answers as to why you're not manifesting or creating the life you want. Soul Expansion School techniques are MUCH DEEPER than other law of attraction, visualization, and meditations practices.  You will really have to take a genuine look at yourself, at your life, and at your past. That is where the solution to your problems lie. 

In order to do this, you have to put in the work, but I will teach you EXACTLY how. You have to be ready to face yourself, your past, the beautiful, the ugly, and the truth. This work is not easy, it takes some real gumption, but if you're ready then this is the answer. 

Step into greater self worth, finally learn to cultivate love from within, enrich your life by stepping into the leading roll of your own journey. Soul Expansion School can take you there.

❂ ❂ ❂ ❂ ❂ ❂ ❂ ❂ 

Soul Expansion School is now closed but MAY be ran again in August 2019 if enough people have interest.

Please join the waitlist below for updates on the next available date.



Before Soul Expansion School, my world was really small. I had my routine as allocated by all of my fears. Soul Expansion School helped me realize that my ego was from my childhood, and it was there to keep me safe. A combination of exploration meditation and essences helped me heal from the inside and now outside my entire life has expanded. A complete 180, my life is now so full and built on the foundation of love, of purpose, and is completely soul based. Thank you Bianca, you gave me the tools to change my life.

Megan R. Fresno, CA


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⇸⇸Week One

This is a LIVE week where we all meet together via Zoom and take a deep dive into our limiting beliefs and trigger words that give us a strong emotional response. Using our pendulums (one is provided for you for signing up for the school), we will tap deeply into our subconscious together to discover beliefs you never knew you even had! This is a super fun week and allows you to quickly crack yourself open spiritually. 


⇸⇸Week Two

You will learn the difference between your higher self, lower self and your idealized images. Your higher self is your true self, this is your spiritual, divine, intuitive self which can be deeply burred behind your lower self. Your lower self stores all of your childhood hurts, limiting beliefs, and thrives on fear. Our idealized images are created from our childhood and are developed because we were told we should be a certain way. This week you will start to experience recognizing these aspects within yourself and keep a journal of your discoveries.


⇸⇸Week Three

You will learn about a concept called the Vicious Circle of Love. We will delve deeply into how we subconsciously try to create our childhood hurts in our present through our relationships, friends, and even within ourselves. You will start to discover how everything is connected here, this week is where a lot of magic happens!  


⇸⇸Week Four

You will learn about the chakra system and dive deeply into doing first chakra specific work. You will learn about the manifesting and liberating energetic currents we have within us, how to strengthen them, and how to open up your first chakra to help you discover what is your subconscious. You will also be given meditations and exercises to guide you through this week.  


⇸⇸Week Five

As a group, we will meet live again! I will encourage you to share your discoveries, stories, and I will share mine as well. I will go over everything we have gone over in the last few weeks as well and give you some fun decluttering activities to give yourself that extra boost of releasing environmental items that no longer match your new vibration.  


⇸⇸Week Six

This week the lecture is based around your true needs vs. your false needs. This is an extremely important topic as you'll learn to differentiate where you are giving away your power with your false needs, placing emotional dependency on others, and also how to activate your true needs within yourself. You are the key to your own happiness, not others.  


⇸⇸Week Seven

This week you will learn about your relationship to your higher power and to the name, God. This can be a touchy subject for many people which is very understandable, but you must create clarity on what this means to you to move towards a path of continuous higher vibration. I also discuss the importance of really being in touch with your emotions, this is key to any successful spiritual awakening. 


⇸⇸Week Eight

This week is all about the second chakra. You will receive activation meditations, yoga poses, and a great deal of information on how to work with this chakra to strengthen your creativity, sexuality and power.


⇸⇸Week Nine

This week you will learn how to start dissolving your fears, stepping into your new divine life and shifting everything to create a new inner reality. You will have learned a great deal by now and it will be time to really start implementing the changes into your life path. 


⇸⇸Week Ten

We will meet live again together for the last time. I will encourage you to share your discoveries, stories, and I will share mine as well. I will go over everything we have gone over in the last few weeks as well and give you some fun decluttering activities to give yourself that extra boost of releasing environmental items that no longer match your new vibration.


⇸⇸Week Eleven

This week I will be giving a lecture on self-respect, creation, developing your intuition and telling you how to differentiate the voices of your higher and lower self so you can use this moving forward in your life. 


⇸⇸Week Twelve

This week you will be learning about the third chakra, the last of the lower three chakras. You will have gained a solid foundation for you to start building upon in the higher chakra system where you will discover your intuitive gifts. You will receive activation meditations, yoga positions and more to really awaken your third chakra. 


⇸⇸Continuing Your Journey

We end our journey together with a 1:1 private Flower Essence Consultation session. This will help you to release anything else, especially emotional specific problems, that you may still be carrying with you or to induce heightened spiritual, happiness, motivation or anything else you feel you need an extra boost with. 

Soul Expansion School is now closed but MAY be ran again in August if there is enough interest.

Please join the waitlist below for updates on the next available date.

You will find forgiveness, healing, growth, heightened self worth and so many new spiritual techniques all at Soul Expansion School



I am very busy these days with a booming dog sitting business!!!  Decluttering my house and my life truly did bring more abundance into my life.  

The knowledge and wisdom you departed in Soul Expansion School has forever changed my life.  I stop and check myself when I feel a thought or action coming from my lower self.  I accept it and move on, without all of the mean thoughts I would normally have directed at myself.  I choose a different thought from my higher self.  This practice in itself has changed my life, and the way I feel about myself.  I can’t thank you enough for all that you have given to me in this short amount of time.  I feel so grateful that you came into my life, and will never forget your kindness and generosity.  There was so much jam packed into the 12 weeks, I will be continuously learning for the next year! Thank you for all of your hard work that you put into creating this class!  

Charleen M. Florida


What does the course include?


nine downloadable audio lectures


A private Facebook group for you to connect with and cheer on your fellow classmates


Soul Expansion activities to help you uncover your truth and so much more!


4 Custom Flower Essence blends made by me ($240 value)


kundalini and guided meditations to support each lesson








forgiveness & emotional free techniques









Soul Expansion School has helped me to open up and be with my emotions. I am now able to recognize and release stuck and blocked emotions. With the help of the pendulum I was provided, I am able to uncover unknown emotions which I can now work on more deeply. I have gained a deeper connection with myself and my lower chakras. The flower essences were great support in helping out in this healing process. I have learned so much such as working with the pendulum, an understanding of working with flower essences, emotions/wound work, and all the other tidbits Bianca has to offer. Bianca is a wealth of information and is a dedicated teacher/guide. She has a way to make you feel comfortable in working with these sometimes uncomfortable emotions. I also loved the guided meditations. I love how far I have come and I look forward to the advanced class with the upper chakras.  Thank you Bianca! 

Jennifer C. Worcester, MA


What Are Flower Essences?

Flower essences are part of the vibrational medicine/healing category and work similarly to crystals and gemstones, but they are ingested. They work in a profound way to restore us back to our true essence, our true spirit. Over time from childhood to adulthood we become muddled with limiting beliefs, health issues, emotional imbalances, and over time we can lose sight of our true essence. The flower essences we will use can you help to reveal the truth, let go of childhood hurts, embrace self-worth and love. 

They are completely safe for humans, animals and children as there are no parts of the plant contained, just the pure spirit of the flower. 

⁂ All of the Flower Essences that will be mailed to you to use in Soul Expansion School are handmade by me and come directly from my personal collection. They will be 100% customized to YOUR NEEDS ⁂

Soul Expansion School is now closed but MAY be ran again in August if there is enough interest.

Please join the waitlist below for updates on the next available date.