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My mission is to help you create a positive, joyful and relaxing environment in your home. I want you to walk into each and every room in your house and feel amazing. I want you to feel relieved and gratified that you’re at home. Your home needs to be a place where you can release all the stresses of life, and truly enter into a place of tranquility. You should be absolutely in love with your home and live in a space of EASE and freedom, and that is what we will accomplish together.

Homes, just like us, need to be refreshed, maintained and be clutter-free. They need energy refreshers to keep their vitality strong, if your home is filled with vigor and life, you will be too. You know the feeling you get after you clean your home? Everything looks so organized, sharp, bright and beautiful again. You can really appreciate the beauty of the home you created and feel a sense of peace. These are similar to feelings you will achieve through my services, but multiplied by energetic tons. 

Sometimes our homes can be overwhelming, filled with unneeded items we can’t let go of, or maybe the energy in the home needs to be cleared out, rearranged and renewed. We can accomplish an ever-present “clean home” feeling together. The new start in your familiar home you’ve been yearning for can be achieved when you work with me!

Bianca is so professional and knowledgeable about organizing and Feng shui. She has turned my kitchen and closet spaces from frenzied and stressful to calm and peaceful. It’s so great to look for something and know exactly where to find it without stress and frustration. She’s also great at suggesting products that will be great solutions. The best thing is that I thought I was organized, but to have another perspective from a professional has been a game changer. There’s always room for improvement. I’ve learned from Bianca that our homes are here to work for us, not against us. And by simply making just the few changes already, I’ve noticed shifts in my stress level and marriage. When energy is flowing in the home, our foundation, it shows up in amazing ways in other areas of life.
— Angela N. Acton, MA

Create A Home That Works For You

✧ Decluttering ✧ Organization ✧ Home Functionality ✧ Space Planning ✧ Feng Shui ✧ Home Energy Clearings & Blessings

Goal: Create a home and space of ease, freedom and happiness without frustration, searching, tension, small annoyances and anger.

Great for: Busy moms, working ladies, inherited properties, clients who are trying to sell their homes but are still living within the home, offices, closets, kitchens, bathrooms and more!

Sessions start at $120 for a 3 hour session

All clients will receive referral bonuses of $20 or a single flower essence of their choice per referral. Clients also receive 35% off my Home Energy Clearing & Blessing and Feng Shui services!

* all clients receive FREE drawer grips in their kitchen drawers, oddly enough its the little jingles that can cause an annoyance, so this solves that issue! *

I highly recommend Bianca for home organization!!! I cannot believe how she made our home flow and placed everything in a spot that was convenient and made sense. Things that I would never have thought of on my own. I am so much less stressed now that my whole house is organized. I started using things that I never remembered that I had. She also found tons of duplicate items that I didn’t need so we got rid of so many unnecessary items. It was worth every penny and I also feel like Bianca was very fast in her work and got the house done in a timely manner. I learned a lot from her too!
— Kate K. Shrewsbury, MA


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